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I am looking for a Semi-Hardcore 10 man Raid guild preferably late night. My OS is Ret. My current server is Ravencrest were there is no really good guilds on horde side.. I strive to play my very best every raid, and this server isn't really cutting it. I would prefer to stay horde. Message me in game for more details. I am usually on from between 4-11 PM Pacific time.

[Edit:(Oct. 16, 2012] i have told my GM that if good progression through t 14 isn't happening in 1 month time i will be transferring servers.
Hi there

Ring of Destiny has been a successful raiding guild for over 10 years, dating back to Everquest. We are a mature group and we are looking for like minded players who love to raid and excel at doing so.

We raid Tue/Wed/Thu 730-10:30pm EST and we are looking for a couple good members to fill our roster in an effort to push progression. We currently are 8/8H in Dragon Soul. We are a Horde Raiding Guild on the Velen server.

For more information, feel free to contact us in game using RI, battle tags, or email us at

Ring of Destiny's Contact Members:
Toth - Guild Leader
Crichton RealID-
Battle tag
Heya! How do you feel about weekend raiding? Our 10m runs 11am-3pm EST (8am-12pm PST) Saturday and Sunday. If that's something you can work with, or if you're interested in an additional competitive raid group apart from your weekday gaming responsibilities, we are looking for a serious, progression-minded Holy Paladin to round out the roster.

If our goals of focused progression in a professional atmosphere line up with yours, feel free to follow the links provided below for our guild recruitment spam, our website, or to simply email me directly with any questions you may have.

Cheers! (not RealID)
add me

3/16 progression horde 10 man
<Kinetic> of Arthas is a new guild looking for recruits!
We just transferred to Arthas and are currently looking for more people to fill our roster! We are currently level 2 as we just started the guild a few days ago. All levels are welcome and we are going looking to get realms first achievements!

We plan on raiding on (all times are eastern/server time):
Sunday 9:00 pm - 12:00 am
Monday 9:00 pm - 12:00 am
Wednesday 9:00 pm - 12:00 am

Currently we are looking for all roles to fill a core 10 man raid team. Once we get a core group together we will be putting together a second 10 raid team and work our way into 25 raids.
We will be aiming to get heroic runs on farm as soon as possible in order to get geared for future progression.

We have all raided in the past and have cleared old content hardmodes in Cata, WOLTK, BC and vanilla. We have some pvp'ers and welcome that if you are into that. We are considering setting up a rated bgs group for those who would like to participate.

If you would like to apply or have questions message Aellas or Knobz in game or visit our website.

Aellas Battle Tag: fudrud#1649
Knobz Battle Tag: seaes#1172

Website Link:
Application Link:
First, we're obviously alliance. I don't know if that's a deal breaker or not?
Second, I'm not sure if our times will work. You said preferably late night, but then listed not-so-late times you'd be on. If the times you listed are your available raid hours then it would work out just fine. Our raids are Monday and Wednesday at 4:00 PST (7:00 EST) and run for 2.5 - 3 hours.

<Too Legit to Crit> is looking for a Holy Pally to fill out our 10m raid. We're a really fun group - drama free. I'd consider us somewhere in between casual and hardcore.

We require:
-vent with a mic that doesn't make me want to put a sharp object in my ear
-a sense of humor
-the ability to take light criticism

What I offer:
I try my best to make our raid group a place where showing up doesn't feel like work. Where people want to come because it's fun and enjoyable. Where the group can joke around, and get bosses down. But where getting bosses down doesn't come at the expense of someones feelings. A place where people don't get yelled at in or out of raids. Where criticism is kind and constructive. I feel a good raid environment is also a place where strategies can be discussed, and ideas are never flat out vetoed.

We are an adult guild, and as such chat is not filtered.

If you'd like more info, you can contact me on my realID or check out our site I can also be contacted via email at the address above.
If these times work for you, we are in search of a 3rd heal for our team. We were ranked in top 3 on server through Cata and looking to keep our guild rank in top 3. Raid times are 8-11 Est on Tues/Thurs.

Check out or you can feel free to add RL ID or Email me at

Thanks, and good luck in your search.
Apterous of Korgath is looking for more healers.

Raid days and times: Wed, Sun, Mon. 7-10 CST

LFR is done on off days, but not required to do as a guild. Just enjoy having more guildies then pugs.

Armageddon#1581 or

feel free to get in touch, will be on around 5CST.
Hello, Oathmaker. I'm not sure what days you prefer, but we have two teams available that run during those times. <The Metalocalypse> (8/8H) runs 10mans and is seeking capable healers to take our success to the next level. Apart from a friendly, mature group and a relaxed, yet focused atmosphere, we have the following schedule to offer:

10pm - 1am EST
... or 7p - 10p PST for you

▬Team1 8/8H 2-3 nights
Wed or Thurs + Sun + Monday if needed
▬Team2 6/8H 1-2 nights
Fri and/or Sat

▬rBG Team
Schedule is under discussion until a team is fully formed

Interested? Learn more @
GL with your guild search. Hope you find a place that makes you happy. :)
BraveHearts is currently looking for more people to join our raid group for our progression. We are seeking individuals capable of making our raids and being on time. Attendance is a big key to progression. Our main focus is defeating every boss and eventually starting raid content on heroic. Our guild is not just a raiding guild, we also have friends on that level and pvp. We like to run heriocs/lfr/pvp as a guild and also help others when we can. Also to note the server we are on is Area 52 and this server is very active always something to do.

Currently we have:
Death Knight - Main tank
Druid - Off tank
Restro Shamman - Raid leader
Fury Warrior - Melee

Holy Pally or Disc Preist
Holy Priest/Monk/Restro Druid
Balance Druid
Shadow Priest
Currently not recruiting melee.
Raid time: Tuesday Wednesday Monday - 9 - 11 server(9-11 EST time)
If interested add me on battlenet -
Our times match up, and we are in the market for a holy paladin. We are not a hardcore guild by any means, but we do strive to make the most of the time we spend raiding. We are progression oriented in that we want pre-nerf clears, but we have aspirations of top 5 server.

We are in need of capable and reliable healers who look to make the most of what they have and can push the limits of their class.

We currently have parsing tank, DPS, heals, looking for like minded players.

If you think you are up to the challenge, our information is as follows:

Fruari Mortificatio is an Alliance, Level 25 guild and we're looking to add skilled members to both of our raid groups. We're an adult oriented guild with a majority of our members 25+. We do alt runs and old raids on off nights.

We're recruiting not only for current content, but for MOP as well. We have tanks and heals who regularly parsed during progression, looking for DPS who are capable of the same.

Group 1 - 10 Man

Raid Times: Tues/Thurs/Mon 6:30 - 9:00 pst. Will occasionally extend up to 30 min if we are close to a kill.
Loot: Open loot council, if there's a debate we /roll. Trials are eligible for loot from day 1.
Progression: Tier 13 8/8H, Starting MOP progression

Recruiting: Mage and potentially a Holy Pally or Disc Priest.

If interested, you can apply at or contact Doozys, or KittyB in game. Realids are or bhwow1 @
Give us a look and see if we might be what you seek.

Over Raided - US Mal'Ganis 3/16 T14 (8/8HM T13) is recruiting for our Late Night 10 Man Progression Team BURN raiding from 11-2 Server (CST) 9-12 (PST). We made a strong push into T14 with 3 down the first raid. We raid only 6 hours a week and proving we can get it done. We are seeking a strong Hunter or Rogue and Holy Paladin.

What we seek are mature, aware and knowledgeable players that want to succeed and be part of an end game raid team. We expect that you know your class, have situational awareness and can raid dual spec if called upon to do so. What you can expect from us is a no BS guild that will give you 100% in return. You can find out all the information about us and put in an application at You can also contact any officer or raid leader in game.

Recruiting Thread:

Recruitment Needs:
• Hunter - High
• Rogue - High
• Holy Paladin - High
*We will always consider any applicant who looks like they will be a good addition to our team*

Carnifex - Battle Tag- Attila#1146
Sonofhades – Battle Tag- Deathbringer#1293
Dotsvader - Battle Tag - Dotsvader#1962
Margaritaville is a group of hardcore-minded players raiding on a casual schedule. We raid Thursdays and Mondays from 8-11:30 PM Pacific on US-Ner'zhul. We may only raid twice a week, but when we get in to there we take a very serious approach and get things done.

Our goal for this tier is to clear 16/16 H, not ever straying too far behind the progression curve, while maintaining our lighter schedule. We got in to MV for the first time on Monday and we're able to down the Stone Guard and begin working on Feng.

We have a very skilled raid core at the moment and need just two more to round it out. If you're interested in serious progression on a lighter schedule please contact me, I'd love to chat.

Battle Tag: Loonpok#1835
AIM: iloondogi
Guild Name: Wipe Club
Faction: Alliance
Realm: Kil'Jaeden
Realm Type: PvP
Realm Timezone: EST
Progression: 8/8H DS and 7/7H FL
Raid Times: 7:30-10:30 EST (Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday)

Wipe Club is a 10man alliance guild who have been together for a year and a half. Although we had some tough times in Dragon Soul, we managed to work through and are going to continue to progress quickly and efficiently in Mists.

Recruiting Needs:

- Holy Pally
- Ele Shaman
- Mage
(If your class is not listed above but want to raid please contact us)

What we DO want:

- Near perfect attendance. Real life happens but please let us know ahead of time, 3 no shows and you're done.

- Know your class. We want our raiders to read up on the latest specs and rotations so they perform at their best ability. We are not in business of holding peoples hands.

- Good awareness. Researching the fights makes it a lot easier to understand what to expect.

- Positive Attitude. We want our raiders to stay positive through progression when the going gets rough, and no taking or putting blame on other players.

- Communication. Being able to communicate abilities and spells makes raiding easier, Do not be afraid to speak up when the times call for it.

- Dedication. We want our raiders to be online before raids, reading up on the encounters so we can push through progression as quick as possible.

Contact Info:

Reach us In-Game
- Dilocahno / Remeros - Officer
- Twirk - Officer
- Mancheese – Officer / Raid Leader
- Snowsangel - Guild Leader


Reach us on Real ID / Battle Tag:
- Mancheese#1508 - Mancheese
- Snowangel#1113 - Snowsangel

Looking forward to speaking with you!!!
Please send me an email at so we can set up a time to chat via skype or vent. Will pay for transfer if accepted.

Our raid times are Tue Wed Thu 8:30pm - 11:30pm est. 10m
Warriors of Avalon- Horde-US {Velen} Ten man guild

Currently looking for all classes and roles for MOP progression.

We are currently looking for very relaxed players who are serious about getting bosses down. We are not shooting for realm first our shooting for high ranks. I am looking for a laid back team that can feel relaxed while raiding but, however still have a serious raiding environment and getting the kills both on regular and heroics modes. We want to push for a high ranking among are sever but we are not going to raid all day and everyday just so we can get realm first. We want to knock out the raids on regular as soon as possible so we can focus on heroic modes. We are going to raid those 3 days a week listed below and we are going to work as a team to get the bosses down on regular and then start heroics as soon as possible.

-Raid Times:

Tuesday -6:00pm-9:00pm (Pacific Time)
Wednesday- 6:00pm-9:00pm (Pacific Time)
Thursday-6:00pm-9:00pm (Pacific Time)

-Please be able to show up 10-15 minutes prior to the raid. Attendance is of course a very important thing, 100% attendance is expected. However I do know and understand on certain occasions that you may not be able to show up.
Loot will be main spec/over off spec, however I will make sure loot is given out fairly one person will not clean up in one night.

-About us:
Warriors of Avalon, is a new guild that wants to focus on MOP progression as well as many contents yet to come. We are a Casual raiding guild with a laid back atmosphere. However we still will work together to get the job done, if we work as a team we can kill any boss that comes upon us with hard work and serious dedication.

*We are also looking for members for our Friday/Saturday raiding progression team.*
All roles and classes are welcome at this time as well.

-Times will be:

Friday- 6:00-9:00 {Pacific Time}
Saturday- 6:00-9:00 {Pacific Time}

-*Getting in touch with me*:
You can send me an email at []
You can contact me in game through real id {}
Or of course on the forums whatever works best for you ill constantly will be checking.
We happen to be looking for a Holy Paladin for our core group right now, that raids Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8pm - 11pm (PST)

Add my RealID if you might be interested and would like to speak further :)

Server: Kil'Jaeden (PST)
Faction: Horde

10 man Raiding Guild that is progression minded with a relaxed atmosphere.


Currently recruiting a few new raiders to round out our raid teams for MoP.

We are a mature guild with good raid progression. We work as a team in everything we do, and always have something fun going on from PvP, achievement runs, mount runs, xmog and so on. We have 3 10Man raid teams, all dedicated to progression and downing heroics. The play styles range from somewhat casual to semi-hardcore - we're active and social.

If interested feel free to check out our website and apply (
Add me on Real ID for a chat (

I wonder if you'd consider a great 25m team? South of Heaven needs a holy paladin. We raid Tue Wed Thur 9pm to 12am EST, and excellent attendance is required. I look for personality as much as I do performance, and interest in PvP is a plus.

Here are the details:

Please add my btag, ashin#1840, if you want to chat. Or, just head over to and post your introduction.

Hope to hear from ya.

<Unpossible> was founded in Aug '11 and has quickly established itself as one of the upper echelon guilds on a very competitive server. With the release of Mists of Pandaria our main raid group has solidly placed itself within the rankings of the top 250 US guilds and looks to continue to raise that rank as time progresses. In Unpossible we feel that 10m provides a better environment for raiding, which is why we run separate and autonomous groups throughout the week.

We have successfully run two 10m raid groups since our founding and we have just recently opened recruitment for a third. Our original 10ms are both 8/8H DS; our newest group is building its roster right now and has several openings. The schedule for the group will be as follows:

Wednesday - 9:30pm EST - 1:00am EST
Thursday - 9:30pm EST - 1:00am EST

If you're interested in learning more and think you may like to be part of a strong guild and building a new group with the full support of a top ranked raid team then please feel free to contact myself or Kelida in game or at our website

I look forward to speaking to you and thank you for your time.

Battletag - Ultan#1472

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