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Good Morning,
I am a 465 Blood DK Tank who has been playing this toon since LK, and will be gathering all my DPS gear so that I can DPS when needed. I currently am a working professional, and only able to raid with the Days and times listed below (Also Please Note: I reside on the east coast).
• Tuesday- 7-11pm (EST)
• Wednesday 7-11PM (EST)
• Thursday- 7-11pm (EST)
I could make adjustments if needed for time extensions. I usually give an advance notice if I cannot make a raid, but I cannot prevent if an emergency were to occur. If you are interested please reply to this post. Thank you for those who have taken time out of their busy schedule to review my information.
You clown. Come join us and you can even tank!
LOl..... Just wanted to post this up today ill be on tonight so we can talk. Thanks
<Cry Moar> is a 10m raiding guild on US-Blackhand looking for a DK tank. This is a MT spot that must we need to fill immidiately.

Raid Times: 7-10pm CST Tues-Thurs
Progression: 4/6 MSV, Cleared DS10H in March.

We are a group of older raiders on a light raiding schedule; most of us have commitments outside of raid. We push content hardcore during our limited raid schedule. We set THREE world #1 dps parses and a #2 last night on stoneguard.

Apply at crymoar.enjin.com
Hi there,

We are a tue-thur 745-1030pm EST 25m Horde raiding guild, we have a couple open spots available and would love to speak to you, if you are interested please read on!

Guild Spam inc...

<Ring of Destiny> is a successful, stable, adult-oriented raiding guild (8/8 DS HM) on the Velen server. We have been a guild in one MMO or another for over 10 years now, including Everquest, Everquest 2, Vanguard and of course World of Warcraft. Many of our members have played together for years, and some since the launch of Everquest.

It is our constant goal to advance the guild forward in a manner that exposes new content, upgrades for our members, and challenges our wits. This guild was created for the player who cares about progression, not just loot. Learning new encounters and doing it with a group of players that have the same interests and want to have fun doing it together.

We raid 745-1030pm EST Tues/Wed/Thurs, and we expect our members to raid all three days, sans occasional real-life events.

Worried about the hassles you have seen in other guilds? It absolutely does not go on here. We do not allow drama. Those who require constant hand-holding, or just don't fit with the crew, aren't around for very long. Be responsible for your own character/gameplay, and things will be fine.

That being said, we recruit mature people that play well with others. We aren't always looking for classes or specs. We are sincerely looking for friends to join the group and expect those that "mesh" to be long term members.

What we are like: Most every member is an adult, we have a number of couples as well. We do not expect people to eat and breathe the game ( though some of our members do! ). We have our share of PvP addicts along with Heroic Instance running freaks. Honestly, I can't imagine another group of people that I would want to spend my online time with.

For more information, feel free to add the following members to your RealID, e-mail us or Tweet!. We will get back to you as soon as possible and schedule an interview over Ventrillo if you are interested.

Email - Ringofdestiny@gmail.com
Twitter - @RoDVelen

Ring of Destiny's Contact Members:
Crichton - RealID - david4757@yahoo.com
Toth - Battletag - Toth#1389
Our guild is looking for a good tank, and it looks like our raid times match up perfectly. Come check us out~

Guild: TBT
Server: Kargath
Faction: Horde
Contacts: Contact Surid or Gottdeslicht in game
or Real ID LILU84@LIVE.COM if interested

Guild Site: http://tbt-kargath.guildlaunch.com

Raid times: Tues-Thurs 8pm-11pm EST (invites start at 7:30)

Who we are:

<TBT> is made up of good friends who decided to make a 10m guild for cataclysm. We know each other well, and put a high value on personal character. We plan on doing hard modes and end game content, but won't be a hardcore raiding guild. We are here to kill bosses, and spend time with good friends. If this sounds like the type of guild for you, come by and fill out a application! Thanks.

Cataclysm Progress:
8/8H pre mega nerf

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