Kill command / Blink Strike

So Im trying a macro.

/cast Blink Strike
/cast Kill Command

The idea is that I can controll kill command and blind strike by pressing one keybind but this macro is only casting blink strike.

From what I understood of macros, If something doesnt cast or is unable to cast it just goes to the next spell and lets it cast. Well when blink strike is on cooldown, shouldnt it let me cast kill command with this macro? Did something change with macros because this doesnt seem right to me.
because both abilitys are on the global cooldown... you can't cast both at the same time, if you want them on the same keybind you'll have to do something like a castsequence macro as far as i know
I don't want to cast them at the same time but one wont even cast while the other is on cooldown.
i think for that you need to do it like /castsequence kill command, blink strike
Ok thanks dude
there has to be a reset in there somewhere because once you cast kill command the second time, so like kc, bs, kc it will sit out the full bs cooldown before you can kc again... reset at 6 sec would work maybe, not sure im not really great with macros
Tbh i dont know how this reset you speak of works. I have plenty of macros but im the kinda guy who sux at getting new info but is great at working with what little i know.
well ive been trying out some stuff just seeing what i could find, it seems /castsequence reset=2 kill command, blink strike seemed to work out but you'll have to put some dummy test to see if it interferes with the ability coming off CD and it being avaiable from reset and such

edit: gonna go test on the dummies and see
well its the best i could come up with, it works, but its really not the most opitmal for trying to maximize dps, sometimes you're unable to hit it as soon as its off cd
Btw Rodfarva.... I finally got to toying with it myself and came up with what i think is my final product for this macro.

#showtooltip Kill Command
/castsequence reset=20 Blink Strike, Kill Command, Kill Command, Kill Command,

It works almost perfectly. I didnt expect as good of results as im getting.

Could probably make the reset a little lower.
Ahhhh thank you so much,

#showtooltip Kill Command
/castsequence reset=20 Blink Strike, Kill Command, Kill Command, Kill Command, works like a charm.
#showtooltip Kill Command
/castsequence reset=20 Blink Strike, Kill Command, Kill Command, Kill Command,

REALLY worx thanks man help for tht 2s on hunter :P
you do realize this thread was from october of last year right?
Crazy necroin' going on these days.

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