Which arena partner would you choose?

Emerald Dream
So I won't have a lot of time to do serious arena for a few months, but for now my rl friends I went to high school with all want a shot at doing 2s with me.

Unfortunately, they all have pros and cons to them and none are really that great.

Which friend would you choose?

Friend 1:
Decent with his rotation, but makes bad decisions, doesn't listen, and will noobishly accidentally attack the wrong target.

Friend 2:
Follows instructions to the best he can, but is a clicker and keyboard turner.

Friend 3:
Doesn't rage and is always positive, but is sloppy on rotation and often just button mashes.

Who would you choose? xD
Whelp, friend one you can't help, friend two is a decent choice if you can show him how to keybind / setup with a multi button mouse, friend three doesn't seem bad just set him up as a frost dk.
I would go with Friend 2.

Friend 1 would be a really bad choice. Rotation means nothing in arenas. Most of the time a "rotation" for me is 1/5 of a pve rotation. What's important is adaptability, focusing the right target, and class synergy.

Friend 3, while I would love his personality, I would hate to have him as an arena partner. He'd be that guy who would say "Hey guys, I know we all just stood in the fire, and suck really bad, but we can do this! We're awesome!" - Yeah no. Realism is good. You don't want happy/positive equally as much as you don't want rage. You want calm, collective smartness.

The only cons you listed for friend 2 was that he was a clicker. Clicking, while bad, is not game breaking. It's the difference of half a second. And he sounds like a smart guy. So yeah
Lol friend 3 on Frost DK. Sounds good.

I hate nerd rage and that silence after a loss so is just go with whoever I got along with best.
Go with Friend 2 but if you want to make funny youtube videos go with Friend 1. Friend 3 on a frost DK sounds good too. You can add Friend 3 with Friend 1 for funny 3v3 vids.
Picachu I choose you!
I would not partner with anyone who would have me as a partner!

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