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Honor gear will still be better than Justice gear because of set bonuses. All this change does is make it so Honor gear isn't better than dungeon drops.


10/02/2012 01:44 PMPosted by Seaborn
Honor gear will still be better than Justice gear because of set bonuses. All this change does is make it so Honor gear isn't better than dungeon drops.

It's still completely ridiculous to screw over the thousands of players that bought and gemmed/enchanted this gear for PvE on basically the same day they bought it.

Where's our compensation?
10/02/2012 01:41 PMPosted by Draenybrit
Yeah, this doesn't really fix anything. As long as justice gear is inferior to Heroic drops, it's a totally broken system.

How so? JP is supposed to get you geared up for Heroics. 458 does that better than 450. What's the issue?


Because it just ruins the entire parity of the system. It makes sense for the currency you earn from doing content to allow you to purchase items of equivalent power to those that actually drop from the content. It's how justice and valor have always worked, and it was a perfectly functional system. Blizzard's attempt to fix what wasn't broken, unsurprisingly, broke the system.

How does it make sense that the only use for justice to essentially meet the ilvl requirement for heroics, yet the primary way to actually earn justice is by running heroics?
Nooo this is stupid, should keep ilvl 464 epics and just make the justice ilvl 465
So are we going to be able to turn stuff back in for a refund now that you suddenly decided to change this. Since I converted my JP to Honor because JP was useless.
Can Bashiok or someone else please explain to me what was wrong with having rep reward blue items that were lower item level than heroic gear AND justice point gear that is the same item level as heroic gear? Why did blizzard think it would a good idea to take the time consumption of gathering rep, combine it with the time consumption of gathering justice points, and then as a final insult, to make the item level lower than heroic gear? It is the combination of the two systems, systems that have been around since BC mind you, but with only the worst of the two combined into horrible options that make blue rep rewards bad and justice points useless.

As far as I am concerned the rep requirement removal was a good change but an 8 ilvl boost is not enough. They should be 463 like heroic drops.
10/02/2012 01:48 PMPosted by Lothlan
So are we going to be able to turn stuff back in for a refund now that you suddenly decided to change this. Since I converted my JP to Honor because JP was useless.

This better be an October fools joke or something. I'm mad as hell.
Glad I spent 6500 Honor, converted all my JP, bought 4 pieces of PVP gear, and dumped a few thousand gold on gems and enchants for useless gear. If I had known this was coming, I would have not converted my JP, but there's no going back now.

This monumentally punishes players for a design oversight with 0 compensation. I am incredibly upset right now.
Let's wait until everyone has bought the gear to announce this.. Gotta love Blizzard.
As point out already, you are seriously screwing over all the PvE players that spent all 7k " accumulated " honor on the PvP gear because they've been superior in every way up until today. I understand your intentions, but the fact you over looked this issue for so long.. even a week while the game was live, is unacceptable by a company of your stature. At the very least you need to reimburse those of us that spent our points accordingly.

I really hope the community comes together on this and really stands up to this and forces a change on Blizzard's part. I normally wouldn't make an issue of it, but with how they've allowed game design to allow such congestion in daily hubs and making gearing up for the opening week as time consuming as they have, this is just another below the belt blow that could've easily been averted.
ROFL sauce...Do people at this company even think before they set up an expac? Bwhahahahaa!
So what you're telling me is the PvP gear I bought today and gemmed and disenchanted my old gear.. now I'm basically screwed?

Great. Thanks for that. Really appreciate all the wasted gold, materials, currency and time.

Buffing the PvP stats does nothing to compensate the PvE players you're screwing over by doing this.

Quite possibly the single worst decision I've seen this expansion.

Well pvp gear is meant for pvp not pve, so if you were planning on using it in pve its not there fault.

If you use it for pvp you wont see much of a difference.
We’re working to adjust current Justice and Honor gear to better align with intended values. Currently it’s more lucrative to run Battelgrounds for ilvl 464 epics, and convert all Justice to Honor to gear up. While some crossover is fine, the most optimal way to gear for PvE doesn’t make sense to happen through PvP.

This hotfix will ideally go out today, and once applied will change all Justice and Honor items (including those already purchased) in the following ways:

Justice Items
    Current – ilvl 450 Rare
    New – ilvl 458 Rare

Honor Items
    Current – ilvl 464 Epic
    New – ilvl 458 Rare

We’ll be increasing the PvP Power and Resilience on the Honor items by 15% to compensate for this change.

Again, our design in Mists of Pandaria is to allow for a greater degree of crossover between PvE and PvP using the same gear, but the original item levels simply made Honor gear (through Battlegrounds or conversion of Justice to Honor) a far better route to gear up for PvE. Players who enjoy PvE shouldn’t feel forced to PvP to get the best gear, and vice versa.

Wait a second - I just bought 2 pieces of PvP gear and converted ALL of my JP to HONOR on my warrior WTH???

Please say I can ticket this - this is beyond stupid and unfair - and no, my 2 hour timer is up already

Surely the primary way to earn JPs is regular Dungeons and Scenarios, isn't it?

Or have I got that wrong?


You have that wrong.
10/02/2012 01:41 PMPosted by Seaborn
Bashiok can you tell us how this even went live like this? It took everyone literally 5 seconds to realise honor gear was superior to dungeon gear. How did nobody at Blizzard foresee this?

Considering everyone was using the PvP gear to test the raids by Blizzard's request I'm actually shocked that this didn't make someone at Blizzard go "Uh, wait a minute..."

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