Ultimate Trainers report in!

Pet Battles
If you have 300 or more Pet Battle Achievement Points, post! Let us revel in glory!
Hi! :D
Yeah. 10 more till the pet, which I'd have if it weren't all buggy with some of them.
Reporting in
and i still don't have MoP
400 points and going strong, I'm eventually going to grind up everything with an interesting model and/or moveset before finishing the last 6 trainers in Pandaria (bugs stopping me at this point >_>).

The tentacle is hilarious with a biscuit

PS: I am the Gary Oak of WoW. You cannot deny my girth!
Just got it before server restart.
Tamer Doomscribe reporting
300 and going !
Just hit 300 with my Eastern Kingdoms Tamer completed. How funny is that?
Ultimate Tamer Yelinak reporting in...though appearently not Taming the World yet...
too lazy to finish taming pandaria, need to level a few more to 25 XD. Otherwise done everything except 1000 battles/75 pets to level 10 (and the collection achies which aren't possible at this stage). Looking to boost my pet numbers to get Venus.

Also working on getting Venus, love the looks of it. Enjoying my Vermling tho, he's a cutie.
I called mine steve.

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