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When I log into my mage, my recount is not shown. Every time. I type /recount show and it appears, but the text is huge and the colors are all weird and it's in an odd position. I change all the settings and it is fine until the next time I log out and back in on my mage, and it is messed up again. It works fine on all of my toons except for this one, anyone know why this is happening? I have to reset and reconfigure everything every time I log in and that's a hassle. I don't really like Skada much. I dunno, just figured I'd see if anyone knows what's going on.

Thanks guys.
I'd bet that there is simply a corrupted file if your WTF folder for that character. Try deleting (or moving to your desktop) the following files: ../World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/<Account Name>/Kiljaeden/Alopecìa/SavedVariables/Recount.lua(.bak)I would also recommend deleting your cache before launching your game again. Try setting it up again, logging out, and then back in to see if it fixes anything.

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