GTX 680s in SLI

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I buy. Good/bad?
10/02/2012 02:22 PMPosted by Kayko
Generally sli/xfire isn't recommended unless your running across 3 monitors 5760x1080p. Otherwise it's a waste of money seeing as GPU's like the HD 7870 can max out games like BF3. That being said, GTX 670 sli would be better, they are far cheaper and OC better.

The problem with saying that the 7870 can max bf3 is that intel 4000 can max it also. The question comes down to FPS not whether or not it can render a frame in ultra.

Also, please explain how 670s OC better than 680s.
better in terms of price/performance

on topic : Kayko already answered you for the most part.

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