Unable to enter raid.

Bug Report
So, we're trying to do 10 man Mogu and it says:

You must be at least level 90 and in a raid group to enter this instance.

Is it not live yet?
I'm guessing our portal is just bugged?
Bump. We can't get our 25 in either.
"You must be at least level 90 and in a raid group to enter this instance."

Oh but I am.
We demand our raids!!!!

8 hours of no response from GM's is absurd!
Nope can't get in. >_<
Has blizzard made a blue post yet?
Ofc not.
Cause what's the problem with the #1 US raiding server not being able to zone in to the new raid?
Can we get word on this Blizz? Pretty please?
not working for me either frustrating stuff blizz
We're losing ranks because of this, Blizz. Fix!
not working for us either blizz
bumping thread frustrating
This is ludicrous fix this asap, please, k, thanks.
What the poster above me said. ^^^^^^^
please stop ignoring us?
It's slightly infuriating that the pvp population have had their MMR concerns addressed today, but the raid community has been left in the dark regarding this very large issue.

A response even simply acknowledging that you're aware of the problem would be better than nothing.

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