Unable to enter raid.

Bug Report
Cannot enter instance, same bugged message please fix this already!
wtb going into portal
so fustrating to not be able to progress with other realms, especially after working so hard to be prepared by today. response would be great
Ya about that.
Fix Mogu'shan Vaults PLOX!!!
Can NOT enter Mogu'shan Vaults raid instance.
BUMP, let me raid!
Blizz I do hope you plan on compensating everyone for this seeing how your customer support is garbage
would love to be raiding right now....
Holyangel it wasnt a bug. Kthxbai. But raid just opened by the looks.
wow, so i have been trying to get into raids for some time now. I was under the impression it was juat a level thing....get to level 90 and BAM raids were unlocked. Well much to my shagrin.....it is not the case. I am level 90 with a 450 ilevel......now i gather it needs to be an ilevel thing like Cata? Please shed some light if it is not the case.....Curious as hell.

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