How are ele shamans around max level?

I've been playing my ele shaman for a while now and I love it, I'm topping dps charts around lvl 77 in instances and devastating nearly everything. I don't seem to have much trouble at all in pvp with a high quick heal, purge, and fast semi low/medium damage. And then, in 3 levels, I get Mastery which will allow for more double shots which will be awesome.

I haven't heard much about the situation later on, so I was wondering how much damage would be done. Like, how much does a chain lightning do around 86 or 87? Lavaburst? Are things still going pretty great then too?
I'm also seeing a lot of complaining going on as well, but I'm not too sure as to what happened between 77-90 that would make them seem so lacking as people might think.
Don't listen to the complainers at all. Ele shamans are doing very well PvE and in PvP.
The complaints going on are just attrocious trolls who can't play their class correctly.
NOW DONT GET ME WRONG you won't see ele shamans running around doing 1v1 and going toe to toe with any classes anytime soon... BUT WHEN YOU ARE COUPLED You can expect to shine.

Your PvE damage has been slightly undertoned this time around as ENH shamans are expected to do more DPS, however, it is known that during cooldown burn phases, the damage from Lava Burst and Ascendance in conjunction with haste bearing items is truly unstoppable! In the long term, Ele will do similar DPS to equivalently geared spells casters. Simulation Craft argues this point and states that they are actually the lowest DPSing Spell Caster... but all of my experiences have shown that to be extremely false...............

In PvP when you're the one behind a friend who has multiple CC's(Every class in the game now) your primary objective will be to A. knock them away to let your friend CC (Don't forget you have your own hex and stun now too!) And then B. melt the face of the target who's bound to the ground.

If your friend roots them(Druid entangle, Rogue or Warrior stun locking, or another Shaman freezing) the target is toasted.

Biggest problems so far: Stuns... and duh... counterspells... Seriously, you have trinket to escape a stun, that's it, and if you get counterspelled 1 time on lava burst your burst goes BB, lest you saved Fulmination.

Seriosuly though, they are very very fun this time around with all the new situational devices we got, plus I haven't seen what's the dps like with Elemental Blast in there.
What kind of damage was lightning bolt and chain lighting and lava burst doing for you around 87(since that level is a bit into the expansion but not as "depends on your gear" as 90)?
10/02/2012 04:20 PMPosted by Explosionkin
What kind of damage was lightning bolt and chain lighting and lava burst doing for you around 87(since that level is a bit into the expansion but not as "depends on your gear" as 90)?

Depends on your gear, because with leveling you have higher thresholds to meet for hit rating/spirit/all secondary stats.

I'm still wearing mostly my cata raid gear because i just hit 87. The drops in the 86 level were so marginal I kept this stuff until the ilevels are higher. Lava Bursts Crits after Unleash Elements are around 60-70K or so. Lightning Bolt Crits around 30-35 atm
Elemental lack of control, and got worse defensive wise as we wher already soso.

They buffed the healing but nerfed the dmg. we are not bursty anymore

as a 2k ele sham in last season I decided to reroll this season.

R1 s9-s10 ele sham said we where in a real bad spot for mop pvp after month of testing in beta with the best players in the world
Problem with Elemental Shaman now is that Blizzard has been buffing Lightning Bolt which has little relation with out DPS. Due to the new Lava Surge and Ascendance, most of our damage are from there and Lava Surge only hits barely harder than a Lightning Bolt.

Comparatively, in a few patch time Lightning Bolt crits will unseat Lava Burst crit then it is just a matter of crit chances. Not to mention this tier bonus heavily favours Lightning Bolt which is why we are simming low. And Fulmination greatly benefits from Crit Ratings, where as Crit Rating does jack for Lava Burst which reduces it's value.

Should we be able to take Lava Burst off our rotation, one would see a dramatic increase in stat value for Crit rating, this is also thanks to our 250% crit damage multiplier.

To put things simple,
Haste doesn't benefit Fulmination or only affect's it minorly, which to say is lightning shield stacking
Crit doesn't benefit Lava Burst
Mastery doesn't benefit Fulmination
I've been really enjoying elemental. I won't lie I was very leary while leveling and even while gearing up but once I replaced all my DS gear (especially once I get a heroic 5 man weapon) my damage really started soaring.

That said mages can still beat me pretty much everytime if they have the same gear but I'm happy with the class. Being able to bring solid group buffs/cooldowns, good AE damage, and solid single target damage (even while moving) helps us round out pretty well.

I'd love to beat rogues and mages in damage but I'm not sure that would be fair given how much else we can bring to the group other than raw dps.
I just put on a new cata weapon lvl 78 upgrading spellpower of the weapon from 360 to 932. I immediately saw a major difference in chain lighting and lighting bolt. Up till now, they basically did the same amount of damage to the first target, but now, Lighting bolt is hitting at 3500 while chain lightning is hitting at 3000-3100. This was up from 2500-2900 lightning chain lightnings and around 2400-2850 lighting bolts. All from just one weapon upgrade. So I'm sensing a large difference in the damage of chain and bolt to come in the future, which reallllly worries me, since I love chain lightning. What is the difference between the initial target damages between chain lightning and lightning bolt for you around level 87-90?

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