My view on Second Wind

Let me begin by saying I am the furthest thing from an amazing PvPer, I'm quite casual and just enjoy the occasional battleground/duel. However I've rolled two warriors and played them over the course of late BC and now MoP, so at the very least I can say is I have a decent understanding of the "feel" of warriors in non-elite PvP.

In WoTLK I enjoyed my warrior's play-style quite a bit, I lost a lot but I still enjoyed it. What I love about Warriors is the idea of recklessly charging into combat and taking on all of your foes in one glorious adrenaline-filled battle. This feeling was completely ruined by almost instantly getting blown up and having extremely short duels against nearly every other class, one mistake and I would die, yet if they made a mistake life was just one heal away. Yet even at that time, I know some warriors succeed just fine, we just had a considerably higher skill cap (one I never got anywhere near, prot only) in my opinion.

So what does this have to do with Second Wind? Well I'm a pure Protection warrior and I'll be the first to admit, Second Wind makes me tankier than the Great Wall of Pandaria when used in conjunction with Shield Wall. I duel hybrid classes in front of Orgrimmar and often times the duels never end, why? Because I do hardly any damage, and they spend too much time either kiting me or hybrid healing. In my admitably biased eyes, this is a fair stalemate; if you can lower your damage to take time to heal yourself why can't I? Not to call out druids, but I've had three cases of boomkins hoping around using instant casts for 20 minutes and then flame me for being a "stupid op scrub," I admit my survivability is crazy, but you aren't dieing either, are you?

I actually find this play-style fun, especially in PvP. I am no longer just a "DPS" with some more utility in PvP, I am a tank in PvP. One way I use this is in battlegrounds such as Arthai basin is purposely trying to "distract" players from going to important parts of the battle by having them attack me instead. If its 2 DPS I'll live, if its 3 DPS I'll live for a while popping defensive CDs, if its 4 I die near instantly. To me being a tank in PvP makes sense, I'm not going to kill those 2-3 DPS, and its their choice to keep attacking me rather then go capture a node.

I'd say my only problem with second wind is when I duel pure DPS classes. As you may have noticed all my previous examples were fighting Hybrids, where as I said Second Wind evens things out, but when I fight Rogues and Hunters I do find the ability rather unfair. When I fight these classes they can't kill me unless they're very skilled, while I live forever and just slowly chip away at their health for 3-4 minutes until they die. I find this especially unfair with rogues recently having their recuperate ability nerfed. I'm not sure how to balance out Prot Warriors with these classes, but I'm sure they've faced similar problems with all of the hybrid healers. I have been beaten in duels by both rogues and hunters though, but they were very skilled players.

Overall I find Second Wind fair versus hybrid healing classes with all of their HoTs, heals and mitigation abilities, but I find it unfair versus pure DPS classes such as rogues and hunters (sorry mages, one crit from you completley bypasses my 35% threshold). In my own little WoW world I would like to see the ability remain as-is but give something in return to rogues/hunters, although I know few warriors who would ever agree with a buff to hunters xP

I'd like to know other's thoughts on this ability so post if you can, it would be nice to hear both warrior and non-warrior perspectives.

EDIT: I just wanted to clarify that these examples are with Second Wind in conjunction with Shield Wall (damage absorption ability, prot only), it lets me absorb damage while Second Wind heals me.
I'll start by saying you wont find blizz balancing things for 1v1 dueling. That being said, pure DPS classes need to think more carefully when to pop their CD's vs a tank. Second, as a tank you mitigate melee damage better then magical damage(somewhat of a compensation i suppose). Fight a shadow priest you'll find it harder. A smart hunter will burn you down around the level of second wind then hammer you down with their CD's/CC/snares to kill you.

With all that said, you need patience to fight a tank spec (of any class) and not just use CD's like mad. That's my opinion anyways.

Through out the last 3 xpacs I've PvP'ed as Blood tank, Prot warrior, Prot Paladin, and Bear(had the staff that made you grow). Prot warriors are now in par with the rest of the tanks specs (though you need skill and lots of macros to play bear). I've seen players pop their CD's as soon as they see tank specs (I palm face when I see it).

P.S. Try fury as PvP, feels good, reallllll good.
I think you're just too used to warriors being horrible.

The fact that warriors now have a skill that people need to learn how to react to isn't OP, it's balanced. Warriors can't just run at frost mages and bust their CDs and blindly mash attacks and get a kill; you need to react properly to what your opponent is doing. You'll get caught in a deep freeze and nuked to death if you pop reck at a dumb time, and tanks counter physical dps classes just as hard as mages counter warriors.

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