How about a Glyph of the furbolg...

That turns our bear form into a furbolg, so we can see our armor.
how bout no, scotty
I think that is a cool Idea! and it fights with our WEAPON! soo cooL!
YEah, it would be nice. I was just like u b4, tried to advocate changing cat form into this

But people didn't like it, and i assume blizz won't make it a glyph either...

I don't know why people prefer to be kitties when you can look badass like the tiger i showed in the pic. I guess they're just gay.
I, too, think that is a wonderful idea... something for Blizzard to consider, that is for sure - however, I sadly have to say that I highly doubt they would do that. I just believe that all of this would be "too much work" for Blizzard in the long run, which is honestly understandable. Either way, we can always keep our fingers crossed.
Furbolg form wouldn't make your armor visible unless they redid all the armor to work with the furbolg model, and they could just as easily redo the armor to work with plain bear form. The point is that making armor visible on druid forms is much more work than most people realize.

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