Shadow Priest t6 Talents

I'm sure its been noticed by Blizzard that healing trinkets are proc'd from these talents, regardless of specialization. And seeing as nothings been done...why not adapt?

So my question is basically...should I start rolling for healing trinkets?
I've been experimenting around and almost 100% of the time when my Pickled Egg is off its internal Cooldown and I use Halo, the trinket will proc.

Would this affect our BiS list?

On a side note I've heard Vampiric Embrace also procs healing trinkets. Haven't tested it myself, can anyone confirm?
Well, why wouldn't you expect those things to proc off those spells? The Lv90 talents have both damage and healing components regardless of spec. The only difference between specs is the school of magic the damage component uses.
Pickled Egg has a stupidly low proc chance (10%). You're either really lucky or have no idea what its ICD is.

Having said that, I would definitely consider using a healing trinket with a high proc rate.

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