465IL Resto Druid - Seeks Raid Guild


I'm looking to transfer and find a good home on a PST server. As the title says I'm currently 465 item level and looking to raid.

- Playing since 1 month into Vanilla off and on
- Raided end-game on over 9 different classes/specs
- Enjoys a positive raiding atmosphere (death is part of raiding, don't QQ about it)
- Solid comp no lag/disconnect issues
- I would consider being alliance if the fit is right

Your Guild:
- 7pm+ raid times
- Solid raid leader (Not negative)
- relaxed members who can be serious for crunch time
TI is curently looking for a resto druid we are all long time freinds and have gotten serious about raiding our first raid will be mon the 15th. we raid mon wwed thu 7-10 if you are interested add me on realid smally2189@yahoo.com

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