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Hey everyone! First post here (woot!).

I'm currently leveling a druid and I want to replace my stance bar with a few macros.
I'd like to click a button and change my stance and at the same time change my pet to a specific one.

For example:
I'd like travel form to summon my gazelle fawn, my cat form to summon my panther cub, etc.

I've looked around, but no threads have quite what I want. Any help would be appreciated. :-)
Make this macro and place it on an action button with a key binding (very important):

/dump GetMouseFocus().petID

Open your pet journal. Put the mouse over the pet you want your macro to summon. While the mouse remains over the pet, hit the key bound to the macro you created above. It will print a very large number, like 12345. Whatever number it prints out, put it into this macro:

/run local pet=12345 if C_PetJournal.GetSummonedPetID()~=pet then C_PetJournal.SummonPetByID(pet) end

Yes, it's awful. We need /cast Pet Name back again.
Instead of a number I'm getting "empty result". Is there a specific place I have to put my cursor over while pressing the hotkey/macro I made?

Edit: It only worked once on my Mini Blue Jouster.

Edit: I have to click on the pet slot several times and leave my cursor there for it to work. Haha. (?)

Also, is there any way that I can switch from form to form directly and have the pet change too?
Right now, the pet doesnt get replaced with the form change.
No you should just have the mouse hover over the frame. I verified with a few random pets and it worked for me. I wonder if the pet journal is having occasional frame level issues like the black market AH.

You can try this:

/run local pet,p="Black Tabby Cat",C_PetJournal for i=1,p.GetNumPets(false) do local id,_,_,m,_,_,_,n=p.GetPetInfoByIndex(i) if n==pet or m==pet then p.SummonPetByID(id) return end end

Change "Black Tabby Cat" to the name of the pet to summon. But you need to make sure your pet journal isn't filtered.

The whole companion pets thing is an awful mess.
Oh my gosh. Haha. I would think that with the battle pet system out, summoning pets (in macros) would be easier. Thanks for your help!

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