Stacking Mastery for Holy

hello all was just wondering if stacking mastery for holy pally at 90 is better then haste or crit.any ideas? so far im leaning mastery over haste these days.
Its been working good for me in heroics so far. not sure if haste is better but im doing just fine with mastery so im gonna stick with it

here this might be of some help
mastery is generally better than haste right now, because mana is not endless. having your heals place a good size absorb on people will allow you to use less mana for more throughput (this includes prehealing, both intentional and not). prehealing prevents you from capping and wasting holy power, and also allows you to generate holy power for burst healing after AoE damage.

the mastery shields are generally a lot of your healing, because of the perpetual amount of AoE damage in raid encounters and in 5mans. if people take a little small damage, you can get them to full AND have a good size absorb on them for the next time they take damage.

haste loses its luster also because of hasted casts (from passives). you don't need more haste when you've got a hasted HL/DL/HR. if you're playing whack-a-mole with holy light for some reason, you might like haste a bit more, but generally the absorbs from mastery will give you more throughput from doing anything else.
Mastery and Haste are close, but Mastery pulls a bit more ahead as what Flay said. The more mastery you have the bigger shields/build-up shields you'll make on people, which means better mana usage. I personally reforge any haste and/or crit that I have on my gear into spirit or mastery where it sees fit. :)

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