Stone Guard (10) - a few strategy questions

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Hi folks,

So my guild just downed Stone Guard, but it actually took about an hour and a half of attempts, and while I'm aware that it's a new raid and it's not going to be a cakewalk compared to a raid we're all used to, it didn't seem like the kind of fight that should take that long. Plus our seconds team got it down before our primary team, which makes me think we may have had a few kinks in our strategy.

For the record, we had Amethyst, Jade and Jasper.

So I just thought I'd ask for some strategy clarification, for next time:

1. Should tanks be moving at all during the fight? We had the two-dog tank moving along the wall on his side... I think to give melee more freedom from the amethyst puddles. However, with their larger hit box and the ability to hit either puppy, should the tank just stay still, thereby reducing their tasks required, and the melee should position as required?

2. Is puppy swapping too frequently better than doing it not enough? It felt like the tanks were letting the dog that was getting-energy-but-not-petrifying get pretty high in energy, such that when it was its turn to overload, it happened very quickly. Would it be a big issue if they simply swapped every 8 seconds (that is, when their taunts come off CD), in order to ensure a more equivalent generation of energy for the off-pups?

3. For Jasper Chains, it's best to not try and break them until the Jasper petrification phase, correct? It seemed like there was too much 'unnecessary' damage doing it during the other phases.

4. Any other tips? From my perspective it seemed like the overloads were the biggest issue, but of course I've now only done the fight once. ^^

Thanks for any help.
Um, you're going to need to swap often enough to avoid killing your healers. It's kind of something you need to feel out.

We just ignored jasper chains and moved in pairs. trying to get them to drop off just resulted in too much movement and too much damage.

At the end, our healers were OOM and I was healing quite a bit. I would say maximize your hybrid healing. Symbiosis on a lock from a resto druid if you have it gives out another rejuv, and then just have people use personal cooldowns / healing on cooldown.

Also, we pimped some lock healthstones - we even refresh them midfight so we're getting 3-6 healthstones a fight. That was even more important on the second boss.
Its like a flowchart.. (number in bracket denotes energy)


1) If A puts debuff on raid, swap A with B or C (say C)
2) If B or C (say B) puts debuff on raid, swap A with C


A or B overloads (depending on 1) or 2)).
Second Debuff:(after 5-10 seconds)

C(50%) ........................A(10%)B(60%)

From here on, make sure that the guardians on the right side has the debuff guardian and lowest energy guardian

There may be sometime where you need to swap. For example C puts the debuff, swap B with C because C needs to be A, the lowest energy guardian. If B puts the debuff, stay where you are because B is already with the lowest energy guardian.. Thats it..

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