Do They Carry over?

I know with the new update all achievements carry over to all characters. What I would like to know is do achievements with titles, and achievements that require other achievements carry over. For example to get any lore master achievements you need to do quests in all areas of the continent. But once you get higher level it because a pain since the quests become slow. So would I be able to unlock lore master and the title for my main if I make a new character to do the low level quests/ area?
I am unsure what you mean by "slow"... lol. As you get higher levels, the lower level quests become very easy to do a whole lot quicker than at level.

But yes, the Loremaster achieves are shared. What that means is, you can send your alt to do say all the quests in Redridge Mountains for you and that completed achieve will count towards progress for your Loremaster.

That does not mean that you can do 15 quests in Redridge Mountains and your alt do 10 and you have a total of 25 towards your progress. The individual achievements are not shared in that fashion.
what about the achievement for the lich king heroics? I got all the ones I could do alone done on my lvl 90 but some of them take a group. Can I do the rest of them on another character and still get the achievement done?
Ok so I've got a question regarding this I'm trying to get the Bloodbathed frostbrood vanquisher and I'm just wondering if the achievements I've got on one character work on another while trying to get this?

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