BG pops after 20 mins. in queue...

...and 5 seconds after I've decided to fly to another location.

I hate this system. Since players cannot predict when a bg will become available, players shouldn't be penalized for traveling in a game that demands they do so. Please bring back the old system.
I just posted this yesterday on a similar thread:

This has happened to me a few times before. I just /logout and then login real quick. You're still in the battleground que and you won't fly to your intended destination anymore, but rather you will fly to the closest flight path. As soon as you land, click the eye around the mini map and click Enter Battleground. That should help as long as there is a flight path close enough that you can reach to before the Enter Battleground timer is up.
Thank you! I didn't know that was possible. It's a shame one has to figure out a cumbersome workaround for a seemingly arbitrary and senseless design.
No problem! It's not an ideal solution, but it worked for me the couple of times I used it!

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