Balls deep on mastery for demo?

I recently specced from destro to demo. while i was haste heavy using demo as secondary, I was lovin how quick my SF and SB were flyin. Well, I know that its mastery>crit>haste, but man my !@#$ be slow as hell now. Any demo's throw half and half in there or what? a lil bit of haste cant hurt right?
You have really bad mastery... Or is it because i am 86.
It's because you're 86 Mourgrim.

Mussty, haste is equal with mastery for Demo's top stat. in top end gear you'll want to have them about the same.
I don't feel like looking at your armory. Mastery is number one for demo, but if you truly think you're losing out on dps due to a lack of haste, then reforge into it.

I'm waiting for the theorycarfters to come up with some sort of scale for haste. Like
mastery number one until you hit a certain threshold, then reforge all extra mastery and crit into haste.

My suggestion is to play around and most importantly have fun.
10/03/2012 02:00 PMPosted by Valcre
My suggestion is to play around and most importantly have fun.
Running sims at level 90 with 450-463ilvl in all 3 specs haste is looking to be stronger. By full 463 to 470 mastry begins to pass haste for affliction only. Demo keeps its love of haste from the numbers I've run on personal sims.

The answer is individual so learn to run your own sims and do your own research. EJ isn't a one size fits all end all/be all. You'd be suprised how much the answer changes based on your own personal situation.

That also means that by the time we are 476-489 the answer may change again but that is why you learn to use tools like simcraft. Also playstyle and fight mechanics play a huge roll.

PS till at least near normal mode T14 bis'ish there just aren't enough spare stats on gear to make a huge difference especially once you figure in hit cap. You are talking about a swing of only a few percent. That is a far smaller impact than when we were all in 410+ gear at level 85 and the secondary stat percentages were huge.

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