Ride Like the Wind - Bug?

Bug Report
I am in a Level 25 guild:

I have notice this quite often that during a flight (on a paid flight path) that other "taxi's" fly right past me as if I don't have the perk.

I know it is not graphic, because I have left the same time as a another friend on the same flight path and he beat me there.

SO not sure if this is a bug or not seeing it apparently works for others.

OR is it in order to use this you must be in a party?

No, this is definitely bugged. Every time I am in flight with 2 other friends that are both in a level 25 guild I beat them (sometimes by a large margin) to the destination. We always take off around the same time.
As i commented on in another thread:

I noticed this problem while questing to 90 with my brother, My guild is 25, His guild is level 6, and I would hit the flightpath and start flying about 5 seconds before he would, and he would pass me up every time and be waiting for me at the end of the flight path. And yes, we were flying from the same location (Say, Kota Basecamp), to the same location (Say, Shine of Two Moons). No matter where it was from to where it was to, he would beat me there even though he shouldn't. It's also not an issue with personal flight speed, as we both have the 280% flying.
I'm also not getting benefit from this perk. I was just passed on a flight path. I've been thinking that the flights seemed a little slow, but it was only a suspicion until this morning. Is there any word about a fix yet?
Hunters can fly faster. Are they hunters?
I have noticed this issue, too. I will be cruising along on my flight path kite, and other players are passing me like I am cruising in the right lane on the interstate. I am in lvl 25 guild BTW.
I suspect it's actually DECREASING flight speed by 25% rather than increasing it.

I'm in a level 25 guild. I've been questing with a friend in her own (level 6) guild. She consistently flies faster than me -- I can leave before her and she'll still arrive at her destination before I do.
As to clarify I have opened an in game ticket on this already and took 3 trys to report it that way but I found out whats really going on. On my path to hit 90 I quested with a real life friend while we were on voice chat. He was on a different guild that was lv19 at the time and my guild has been lv25 since early cata. We found that he was indeed flying faster than me on the flight paths as we went from one area to another. A few days later that guild he was in got the perk and his flight speed slowed down.

Basically yes, the guild perk is encoded to reduce flight speed by 25% rather than increase speed. I was also able to fully demonstrate this to the 3rd gm that actually bothered looking at this so they can record everything for it.

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