Clean Install from Classic to MoP (discs)

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Hello everyone,

I decided to go out and grab mop. I have a new system and need to install classic through to mop. I did this yesterday and ran into various problems such as:

Error 134
Agent (build 1363)

I have completely uninstalled wow and removed the hidden folder and will attempt another clean install.

My question is regarding allowing wotlk and cata to 'update' even though I will be installing mop. Should I let my updater download the enormous 'out of date' patches or cancel them and then proceed to install mop? Sorry if this sounds ambiguous, I'm not too pc tech savvy.

If someone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

Hello Yhoda,

All you need is the MoP discs to install. There'll be some patching after that, and you'll be good to go.

These steps can help if Agent has difficulties:
Technical Support
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Only the MoP discs? I was under the impression I had to install each expansion individually...

I'll give that a go and post back my findings.

Thanks for the quick reply Velnrak!

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