Archaeology achievement bug

Bug Report
So apparently my archaeology progress got reset? I'm at 1/20 for professor title, and 1/100 for diggerest, but I know i'm farther than that, here are some screenshots
Me aswell. Hit 20/20 today with my polearm and it went back to 1/20
I'm having the same problem, last night I was 19/20 with one digsite left to get my 20th but I could barely keep my eyes open. When I logged in today, finished the rare, no achievement...Checked my status and it was at 2/20. I relogged to see if that was the issue and it was reset to 1/20.
Add me in here i was either 16 or 17 and made the quilen statue and when i went to check it it had reset. Please fix, For all I know i could have been at 19/20. and it ticked but rolled over to 1 like the other poster.
Similar issues here, counters reset on Archaeology achievements and now they don't appear to be moving up even on new finds.
I'm having the same problems with these achievements.

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