Captain Doren evade bugged.

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Captain Doren is evade bugged on the server Kalecgos. Thou shall not pass. No hunters around. HELP SOON PLEASE!
Open a ticket so that a GM can see your issue.
I did.. so our server will have to wait 3 days to get passed this quest?
same on Gundrak. 5 people waiting here, submitted a ticket and nooo hunters around
10/03/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Tiddlyshank
same on Gundrak. 5 people waiting here, submitted a ticket and nooo hunters around
It's also happening on Echo Isles. Probably something they will need to do a realm restart to resolve.
From what I've found is there is a known issue with Captain Doren that can happen sometimes if he is dragged outside of the cave. We hope to have it resolved with a hotfix as soon as we can.

He should reset with restarts or you can submit ticket and a Game Master may be able to help.
Bugged now on Maiev. FIX THIS. There is no way to progress in the quest chain. Why buy an expansion I can't use?????
Currently sitting in front of him here on Kul Tiras, on this quest to kill him.... He's in some elemental form, at half health, and evades every attack....

Oh yeah, opened a ticket to a GM, and it says 4 days 6 hours.
Same here. I am on Kul Tiras too. Average ticket time is 4 days...this totally ruins my gaming schedule. After this many years of WoW I would have hoped that Blizzard would have a functionality that allows them to flag tickets based on key words and with a dedicated person who reads through all of them and is able to quickly move gameplay issues such as this up the chain. Stupid really to have had wasted 1 hour of just running around killing mobs and returning to the cave to see if evade got fixed and only to find it hadn't.
He was fixed on Vek. be happy you didnt have to wait 5 days for him to be fixed.
Bugged on the underbog in sha form, bug ticket opened, how about some free exp to those who got stalled here blizz?
Stuck on a bugged Captain Doren on Laughing Skull-US, real bummer. Can't progress with this road block. I don't understand if Blizz has known about this for at least a week, why haven't they fixed it? This is a pretty serious bug. Very irritating and painfully obvious. Thought the extra long beta would have resolved crap like this. On Laughing Skull-US, has been incomplete-able since around 1PM CST and remains so two hours later.
I have found that if a hunter will drop an explosive trap under him, he will evade the first tick, but take damage from the rest of them. Eventually he will die and respawn like normal.

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