[quest bugged] The Mariner's Revenge

Bug Report
At Soggy's Gambit, in the Dread Wastes, I came across a bug in the quest The Mariner's Revenge. I was disconnected from the network when I was on The Mist-Hopper Jr. After re-establishing my connection, I was in the water. I abandoned the quest, and returned to re-accept it.
Quest worked as intended until I reached the southern docks, and the quest giver vanishes. The boat never spawned, no matter how many times I abandon then re-take the quest, the boat has not re-spawned.

I have talked with a represenative about the problem, and followed their instructions, but the problem was still there. I even went as far as to delete and re-install my client. I submitted a ticket in-Game, and short of addressing the problem on the Forums, I am out of options.

I hope that the problem is addressed, and fixed soon.
The issue was resolved hours after my original post, after I petitioned a GM and they helped me manually.

I figure I'm not the only one who had this problem, and wanted to let anyone following this thread know that the issue had been resolved manually by someone at Blizzard.
I am having the very same problem today!

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