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Moon Guard
The Verdant Flame has been formed, and is now recruiting all interested quality roleplayers!

Website: verdantflame.shivtr.com

Applications are required.

WE ARE NEW. If it is perks you seek, you shall not find a good home with us. We are a roleplay guild first and foremost, and are trying to establish a community of like minded folk from the ground up.

Such things take time, but they are worth it. :)


Who cares what the rumors say? Do you?

Evil is relative, and power always envied.


The Verdant Flame; perhaps you've seen it on a forgotten scroll, requested an informative letter, painted on the body of a fallen warrior, or even seared into the flesh of one of its dead members.

Regardless of the how...you know that symbol.

The question is-what will you do now?

The Verdant Flame advertises itself as many things. Explorers, researchers, archivists, mercenaries...to put a single name on such a group or even person would be too limiting. Instead, it is known widely that the Flame will take on any assignment that furthers the interest of the Horde, or somehow hinders the Alliance.

If you have a skill and need a place to use it, The Verdant Flame will consider you. Only the full fledged members of this occult group, however, have full access to all its resources...and a brand of green fire burned into their right hand as lifelong proof of their choice.

Led by a Forsaken warlock, with the warchief's lift of the ban on fel magics, he now openly recruits others that practice this dark magic among others that share similar goals...for the Horde, of course.

However, if one asks in the right places-rumor has it that there is something far more sinister going on within The Verdant Flame. They say that Lericus has been seen consorting with all things demonic, but then again he IS a warlock. They say many things, none of them good...except for their skill in combat. That, they say, is a fierce thing indeed.

But these are just rumors, of course....With not a single speck of proof to support the crazier theories. "Twilight Cultists", "Demon worshipers" and "Hellscream usurpers" being the nicest of the slander, there is only one way to find out the truth.

There are some, still, that think the undead warlock has finally lost it.


We are a guild of like minded folk determined to provide a safe, fun and friendly environment of high quality players-and roleplayers!

Basically, leave your drama at the door-we've no use for it, and shall not tolerate it! Like any other guild, our goal is to enjoy the game together, rather than alone. Only this one is a heavy RP guild!

We are not necessarily a Cult, however (if it wasn't obvious yet) the guild is based around the concept (at least in private) of preparing for, and attempting to herald, the Legion's final return to Azeroth.

The Lich King, Deathwing, the Old Gods and the Dragon Aspects have all been neutralized. The Horde and the Alliance are at full blown war with one another.

Soon, they shall return. And The Verdant Flame aims to make sure the Horde and the Alliance keep fighting...by supporting the Horde in whatever way they can.

For what better way to weaken those of Azeroth that would delay the inevitable?

Why the Horde?

That one is pretty easy!

To start, Lericus is Forsaken. For years, all he could do was hope to get revenge on the Lich King-and finally, his people succeeded. Then Deathwing came along and tried to blow up the world-he failed.

But what is there left for an undead that consorts with demons (a warlock) to do? He took a look around, and after a trip to the Outland...he has decided that when the Legion returns, he will aid them. They promise eternal life and unimaginable power, after all-two things which they have granted in the past to their followers (Gul'dan, Ner'zuhl, Lich King).

Especially those that carve a path of destruction for them.

Without Deathwing, the Scourge or the Dragon Aspects to stand against them...all that remains are the mortal races of Azeroth. And so the Legion, he knows, will strike soon-relatively speaking.

Until then? Minor rituals, sabotage and the like are in the works. Demonic worship and perhaps an attempt to contact the Lords of the Legion, as well as schooling on both the use and defense of the dark arts...The Verdant Flame will keep itself busy.

To the Horde, his loyalty is not questioned. He has served for years, much like his Forsaken brethren, and he has no intention of harming the Horde. Yet, at least.

The Horde is at war with the Alliance, and by aiding them, the group (or Lericus per se) can damage the defenders of Azeroth bit by bit for when the Legion arrives again.

What do you mean by quality control?

Simple, really. We have some standards that we'd like every member to meet; they are qualities most roleplayers of decent caliber possess as it is, but we feel the redundancy helps filter out the unwanted.

You say you're a heavy RP guild. Why is guild chat OOC?

We value face-to-face roleplay MUCH MORE than the long-ranged hub for perks that many so-called RP guilds have. That, and an OOC chat allows our members to bond as players.

We do have an IC channel, but do not expect it to be used often.

What kind of events do you/will you have?

All kinds! There will be at least one a week, as a way to initiate new members and discuss current goings-on within the guild.

Is there an age requirement?

Officially, no-but we prefer members to be 18+. Profanity may occur (though hopefully limited!), as well as "adult" topics-such as religion, politics, etc.. Of course, if anyone is uncomfortable at any time, they can always alert an officer and appropriate action will be taken.

What's your stance on ERP?

Simply put: No. While you wear our name over your head, we will not tolerate any reports of public ERP, etc.. You will be removed without a chance to explain; if this is something you must have, make an alt for it or keep it otherwise private.
Still a big Work in Progress, so keep that in mind.

The as-of-yet to be tested. Consider this both an IC and OOC "trial" rank; this is how we see if you fit with us, and vice versa. There is no time period, as your IC and OOC actions/contributions/participation with the guild will determine your next step.

He or she who has a desire to further themselves within The Verdant Flame, and has begun their life changing journey. With that in mind, these members are "inferior" in the military sense to those who have become Shadowsworn, and should treat their superiors with proper respect.

The tested, trusted and branded, of The Verdant Flame. Once the brand has been placed, you shall be forever marked-and never forgotten by the group and its affiliates. This shall serve as the "Member" rank, where most shall wind up.

Within the Shadowsworn rank, the limits of what your character can do are limited only by the concept. If it furthers the short or long term interests of The Verdant Flame, then it will likely be given the okay. Specific divisions may arise as the need increases for them, but for now we are too small to have them.

Shadow Council:
Sound familiar? The study of orcish history pre-First War and then some has given rise to the idea of a new Shadow Council, and thus the inspiration for the name. While not warlock specific, this rank is reserved for only the best and brightest of The Verdant Flame.

(Officer rank; usual requirements such as trust, longevity, sincerity, etc. required on the OOC level.)
Why the Legion?

This is a good question.

Lericus and his ilk are not "evil" just for the sake of being mustache-twirling baddies. Rather, his life experiences, and those of his unlife, have driven him to the point he is at now.

After a long life as a Dalaran scholar before succumbing to the plague, Lericus has seen and theorized on everything one could think of. He has fought the Scourge, the Horde, the Alliance and a plethora of other minor groups...but none intrigued him like the demons.

With access to a place floating in the Nether, Outland, Lericus has been able to study the nature of the universe more and come to see a certain beauty that lies only in chaos. The raw, arcane energy which binds and fuels all things-to him, at least-is the most beautiful thing there is.

As a mage, he was always tempted to taste the power of fel magic, but too afraid in life. When he became Forsaken, those inhibitions were the first to go...and the power that he found made him understand why so many before him coveted it.

Rather than be controlled by the power, however, he was able to dominate the minds of lesser demons and utilize their powers for himself, like any good warlock. It wasn't long before he could feel the tug of the Legion, but with vengeance on the mind he ignored it.

Until the Lich King finally fell, he had never even considered the possibility of siding with anyone other than the Forsaken. Why would he? They were his people, and Sylvanas his savior. They were bound by the common goal of vengeance, petty as it was...and yet, after that had been satisfied, he still found himself empty.

Perhaps that emptiness drove him mad, but he soon came to the conclusion that the Legion might not have been so wrong after all. The beauty in pure chaos, the power of raw energy and the ability to remake the entire universe in one's own image-all of these things and more were enough to push Lericus from Legion-curious to Legion-servant.

And once first contact has been made, as many have found out, there is no turning back...
I overestimated, oops. Well, posts are good now!
Good luck with your guild.
Thanks, Cladriah.

But first, I need to find my fellow Legion loyalists. I know you're out there...
Bumpin' for an update/addition. Fresh blood required! No, not for that...

Also, this came to me this morning and I can't believe I forgot it...

Here you go.
Back up with you. A few days off of college AND work, for the win!
Have to remember to keep my eyes on you.
Won't be much to watch for a while! We need some core members first...:)
Hmm... I knew this seemed familiar to me. Probably because I was in its predecessor on WrA! :) I really did like the Society and I'm happy to see you brought some aspects you established over there in founding this one. I think the MG community is a better choice for it anyway. Best of luck!

PS: See about contacting Mel if gets back online. She knows what she's doing!
10/06/2012 11:23 AMPosted by Lericus
Won't be much to watch for a while! We need some core members first...:)

If I were Horde, I'd put a character in. If only! If only!
Hmm... I knew this seemed familiar to me. Probably because I was in its predecessor on WrA! :) I really did like the Society and I'm happy to see you brought some aspects you established over there in founding this one. I think the MG community is a better choice for it anyway. Best of luck!

PS: See about contacting Mel if gets back online. She knows what she's doing!

Mhm, that was our little guild child. But it was the MoP lull, and nobody had interest at the time. :(

Mel has disappeared, it seems, but I can lead without her. Easier with her, but you know how it goes with life!

I do take it that means you've decided against applying? A shame indeed!

Won't be much to watch for a while! We need some core members first...:)

If I were Horde, I'd put a character in. If only! If only!

You could change that!
Not so much decided against it as decided to instead try out Alliance-side for the time being. If and when I do make a demonologist, this is my first choice! I'm really hoping to see it take off.

If you'd like help with structure or the like, I'd be more than happy to lend my assistance.
Any feedback on the website is welcome, Zar! Just...put the mean stuff in letter form. Not forum. :D
I will hopefully be faction changing to join you.

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