PvP as a whole is broken.

Between the amount of ccs, the amount burst damage, several obviously overpowered classes/specs, the amount healers heal for, how ridiculously not viable tanks are, ranged dominance, extremely high amounts of any and all types of battlefield control, and in bgs one team's complete lack of communication/organization as opposed to another team more than half full of premades it makes pvp seem so not fun and pointless.

It was never this bad at 85, and honestly it seems to me that quite a few people share these opinions.

Tried to do some arenas yesterday and all it really came down to is who could cc who faster.
what is stupid is my healing surge heals for 40k in resto and in elemental it heals for 30k, pvp is broken this expansion by many things and blizz dont care otherwise they would have helped us out by now surely
They're too busy hotfixing stuff for pve because the boss care how fast he die

4.0 was honestly not any different

Yes it was. 4.0 had overpowered class/burst like fury warrior but nowhere as broken as right now. Now everything is broken, CC, damage, burst, mobility, control. everything
you cant tell anything until everybody is fully geared. i just started doing bg's and im running into people that are already in half epic pvp gear while im in quest greens.
10/03/2012 09:52 PMPosted by Amathyqt
Yes it was.

No, it wasn't. It's okay, I know nostalgia is a horrible, conflicting feeling.

Jay wilson, leave this forum. I don't want to hear your "people remember things that never happened" bull!@#$ again

also, yes it was.
I have recently macroed two of my offensive cooldowns to my aoe stun, as that seems to be the most effective way to pvp now:l

Jay wilson, leave this forum. I don't want to hear your "people remember things that never happened" bull!@#$ again

also, yes it was.

Hrm. Let's see.
Warriors were doing massive amounts of damage.
Mages were doing massive amounts of damage.
Ferals were doing massive amounts of damage.
Frost DK's were doing massive amounts of damage.
Resto Shamans were insane.
Triple Warriors getting to 2700, rofl.
MMR bugging completely !@#$ing everything over.
4.0 was just as %^-*ing awful.

There are several things wrong with 5.0.
Deep Freeze shouldn't be base line, Frost Bomb damage needs to be neutered.
BM Hunters burst is too high for how little talent it requires to play that spec.
SPriests have too much utility, while Disc Priests are almost useless.
Warriors have utility and damage, one or the another needs a slight nerf.
Rogues should get a slight buff in regards to CD's.
Off-spec healing should get a slight nerf.
Instant CC could be toned down.
From what I've seen, that's about it.
4.0 wasn't better. If you think so, you're retarded and there's nothing I, or anyone else, can do for you.

Except that everything you listed is burst problem.

Now we have problem with everything, specialy because of the awesome new well thought talent system. We have resto druids with feral mobility. Spriest with holy/disc's healing capacity
Warrior with the defence of a prot warrior with just as much control than prot had in wotlk
Rogue stab things and things don't die. wtf's up with that?
Hunter who heal even more than healers.
Boomkin still look like a giant owl with down syndrom(sp?) without the glyph
totally insane burst damage from many classes
List goes on

Cata had burst problem. mop has problem with everything and it cannot be fixed because nerfing X spell from the skill tree will directly affect the other classes spec. They can't just move tha talent down the tree like they could in previous xpacs
You're going to make me jump off of a bridge
Holy !@#$ I can't live on this planet anymore

Well if you do record it, i need something interesting to watch
It doesn't affect me much specialy after seeing 1 guy one cub or 3 guys 1 hammer ;/
They are trying to stretch things out here. They do not care about random idiots getting honor in a battleground, they want serious ESPORT teams, because most people still just do it for slaying dragons or whatever... hence the fact they refuse to provide pvp types with an honor weapon right now, because pve is the ultimate time sink... but anyways, there are still a lot of people who take the pvp very serious. So there can be a market, and this is blizzard so...

Long fights, lots of CC... consider teamwork on CC, healing and burst, yeah... they can utilize these as "matches" similar to fps games.
I have never seen either of those
You have peaked my interest

I'd send you links but i don't think the community manager would enjoy that ._.
10/03/2012 10:26 PMPosted by Barfly
consider teamwork on CC, healing and burst

Exactly what I've been doing in arenas. Honestly arenas aren't to bad if you can handle being fear spammed for15-20 seconds.
It's just that bgs have become so stupid lately they're not even fun. Plus it's nearly impossible to win a game without going premade.

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