[A] Shifu's Weekend Cross Realm Premade BG's

Some of you guys might remember my runs on my pally during late Cata for Battlemaster that I did weekly. I finished almost all of the hard achievements, but need straight wins on my warrior. Once I hit 90 this weekend, I'll be using full contender's set to farm random bg's. If you're interested in forming a premade (of 5, unless we get way more, then i'll use premade enabler). Have access to Skype and/or vent and a working mic. Post your battle tag here (NOT Real ID) if interested. Having the glider for flag carry Bg's like TP and WSG a huge plus!

Will be doing this every weekend.

At least full crafted pvp set
Working Mic
Updated premade AV enabler.
Why can't you be horde? Sigh.
Hey Shifu - I might have a spot or two available when I am queueing. D/L team speak if you're interested in joining my group of clodhoppers.
Bump to the top, this will start tomorrow night. Will be 90 by then.
Hit 90, starting this group up.

Guardian druid, will be able to FC or whatever :D
Going to test this out using Oqueue this weekend.


Add my battletag with "premade" in your request.


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