semi new player. want lvling buddy.

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im returning to wow from a like 6 month break. never gonna any high level people when i DID play so i was gonna see if any veteran players or new players would want to level a char w/ me. to help me understand the game better.

i started playing during WotLK and never got a high char so i feel kinda overwhelmed jumping back in.
Sorry, but this forum isn't for recruiting someone to level with you in-game. The only places where recruiting of any kind is allowed (including leveling partners) is the forum for your realm and the Guild Recruitment forum.

That said:
There's a giving-back sticky up above that lists people who are willing to answer questions in-game and give you pointers.

This forum is for Q&A about the game, so ask all the questions you have and the regulars here will do their best to answer them.

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