feeling like unholy lacks damage in PvP

Death Knight
i am trying out both unholy and frost in pvp and though i like unholy and feel as if i am more in control, i feel like my damage is lacking and all im doing is staying on my target, annoying them until they die. for example i came across an AFK blood dk and proceeded to go ahead and take the free kill but it really took WAY longer than it should have and i dont know why.

does unholy scale better with gear? i can unload tons of damage with frost but i feel unholy is not dishing out much damage for me
goign toe to toe agaisnt a blood DK is going to take ages no mather your class. You must kite them to death wich is so easely that even a frost DK can do it.
Unholy is all about pressure and control with huge burst after ramp up time, whereas frost is just straight up burst. For decent quick burst as unholy though the best bet is outbreak + double festering strike, which leaves you with 2x unholy rune and when they come off cd 4x death rune, which allows you to scourge strike 6 times in a row. Other than that your burst usually comes in a window (dark transformation + gargoyle) which you have to set up as a fight progresses.
As unholy what you want to do is keep up strong pressure until you get you target near 40% while building up your death runes and blood tap stacks ( a must have in my opinion or pvp). Now slap on Soul reaper and spam necro strike if your target getting healed is an issue or scourge strike if it isn’t. This will at the very least get your target low enough for the soul reaper to finish the job.

Oh and you damage against a tank should not be how you judge if your damage is bad ;p
100% Disease Uptime on your main target, lose diseases lose your damage.
Do not just burn your skills right off the bat as frost would, be precise with each hit

and remember you are a caster or healers worst nightmare, roll your CDs the right way and you can keep a spellcaster silenced for near 12 seconds
I switched back to frost 2h...unholy doesn't seem to be what it used to be...even when I bust down the cd's, it doesn't seem to be on par anymore.

(Yes, I loved unholy spec, but like I said...Frost 2h putting out more in pvp IMO)
Bro it's the start of the patch give Blizz some time :)
yeah, i know fighting a blood dk 1v1 will take a while to kill but the thing you have to understand is he was AFK, so practically a target dummy. i dont have much pvp gear, so unholy's dps might improve once i get some pvp power but still it seems frost is ahead in terms of damage
Being able to use 4x necrotics in a row is huge. Not saying anyone is OP or anything but in PvP if you can cc a healer for long enough that heal absorbs are often the deciding factor in the teams ability to drop a target.

IMO unholy is a one of the better 1v1 and team specs for PvP out there.
I am really impressed with Unholy from what I've played. Spreading diseases among multiple targets is the key. It's definitely a more subtle approach, but played right, can also be more decisive a factor in swaying the outcome of a large skirmish then frost (not to say frost doesn't have it's own merits). Soul Reaper is a badass skill in the hands of Unholy.
I don't even know why people complain over warriors. Dks have been stupidly OP as every spec from the beginning.
10/05/2012 03:06 AMPosted by Zerthimon
I don't even know why people complain over warriors. Dks have been stupidly OP as every spec from the beginning.

It's not about who was overpowered previously, the game has to be balanced in general.

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