Titans grip and strength polearms

Bug Report
I dont know if this is a bug or not but the talent states that you can equip a pair of 2 handed weapons, when i try to wield polearms on my warrior it tells me i do not have the required talent for that even though i am in fact in fury and can wield 2 handed swords and axes at the same time.
This is technically not a bug. The skill itself lists the weapon types in its "Required" section, though the description makes no mention of the existing limitation. Historically, however, Titan's Grip has never worked with Polearms in any of its incarnations.

For what it's worth, this was brought up during the MoP Beta. The reality is that the animations simply don't work for Polearms, which is a large part of why they're not included in Titan's Grip. Unfortunately I cannot find that post so I've no idea whether that was something they had expressed any interest in changing or not.
The Reason i asked is because i bought 2 polearms figuring that i could dual wield them because the talent just states 2 handed weapons so i wasted gold i guess lol...
Yeah i read the same thing as Asterchades. Polearms have never worked with Titan's Grip and it's because the animations just don't work. Maybe some time in the future, but not worth waiting for.
I remember when it was a talent it said which weapons specifically but now it just says 2 hand weapons. So i can see where OP got confused

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