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Was looking to try this game, wondering if anyone out there plays it and has an answer to this question. Or even knows the answer without playing it.

I am currently in the process of downloading the game, it's a 14gb download. Well, it's taking quite awhile with my poor internet. I was wondering, if the download stops mid download, will it start over entirely? Or will it pick up where it left off? I don't want to keep restarting the download, but I also want to play games once I am online, so if I could stop the download for a bit then pick it up while I sleep. Thanks for any info.
I would assume it should pick up where it left off, most patchers do.

I'd try testing this sooner rather than later but i'm fairly certain you'll be fine if you wanna stop it and start again later.
I ran into this problem with Rift. The patcher for Rift would start the download over completely, bag when I had a monthly limit of 5gb of data.
I was able to try the beta and the game wasn't bad. But my system couldn't handle it, I could play for about 10 to 20 minutes and then crash. If it wasn't for that I would have gotten it.

It's not exactly leveless like they claim. Your weapon is your class. Spec, talents, etc... all come from your weapon and your proficiency with your weapon is essentially your level.

if you change weapons you are essentially going back to a level 1 character which is actually kind of neat, and you can always switch back later.

Setting is pretty neat and the quest design is a little different in that they actually designed some of the things with players having to do research in mind. The game has web browsing built in so that you can hit the net when you get stumped by a puzzle.

Didn't get too far in it but the story telling feels really good and the factions have very distinct feels to them.
Have played it a LOT! VERY different from anything else out there...which is really good...and at times rather problematic...However, because it's genuinely unique in its setting and story, it's well worth playing imho.

What I found during the download and patch is, the download DOES start over, but skims quickly over the files already downloaded until it catches up to where you left off.

Hope that helps.

The game has web browsing built in so that you can hit the net when you get stumped by a puzzle.

The web browser is not just there for when you get stumped, believe it or not - it's intended that you have to do outside research to solve some things.

That is, unless you happen to have an innate knowledge of Biblical scripture, Arabic, Hebrew, English and American Literature from different time periods, can translate things like Binary, Hex, Base64, etc. on the fly, as well as decipher hieroglyphs...

The idea is that the game is part of our world, so having the internet available to look up more information on clues as you work through the puzzle is very much intended. Sadly, too many players took it as "let me google this quest name when I'm stumped, and just read the solution."
Hi yes I play this game and yeah the downloader is slow.

Just start the download before you go to bed and it should be done by the time you get up in the morning.

Also its a great game well worth trying.

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