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Do monk healers have a choice to be either up close fighting healing or long distance healing?or should you use both to maximize healing?I know with the exception of spinning crane kick of course.
You use both to maximize, although you'll find monks who were able to remain mostly melee-healing for most of their levelling as well as monks who were able to remain mostle ranged-casting for most of their levelling.

The closer you get to level cap, the more likely you'll need to find the balance for yourself, but I guarantee you it's easier to work on it *now* and not be so overwhelmed in end-game where you have that many more abilities to juggle.

If you're not planning to run challenge modes or normal/heroic raids in end-game, you may not care to min-max like that, bu if you do intend to partake in those activities, it'll be important to know when to melee and when to cast.
Speaking from experience in downing the first 3 raid bosses of Mogu and topping the healing meters without having a great amount of mana issues.

Eminence is terrible in it's current state with the amount of raid damage going around and Jab is way to mana costly. There is zero reason to Jab/blackoutkick/tiger palm and remain in melee range when you can Channel soothing mist at range, use renewing mist on cooldown and spend your chi on better heals like chi burst and enveloping mists.

Ranged healing is where it's at, don't waste your time trying to figure out when to melee and when to range.

Range healing is better in every situation when it comes to 25 man raiding.
Well, I certainly can't speak from my own experience as I'm lvl 85 atm. I had a monk I levelled 1 - 90 on Beta, but the extent of my end-game testing was farming 5man heroics & doing some of the LFR (which I do *not* count as raid experience, personally).

All I know comes from the high-end raiders I spoke with through the months of Beta via the Mistweaver Feedback thread, who tested both 10man and 25man. No one claims that melee-healing will heal through even moderate raid damage. Our casted heals (and SCK which does not count as melee since it can be used anywhere raiders are stacked) are where it's at for BIG healing. However, melee-healing *is* what you do for low-damage phases to min/max.

Saying "don't melee heal" is similar to telling a Disc priest not to bother with Atonement to his or her raid's benefit (I was a raiding Disc priest pre-MoP). There may well be many situations where its use is very limited, but you need to identify when it's advantageous to use it.

Hey, if you can blow through the current raid bosses without it, great (and also, GRATS btw on your kills! Very envious of people getting to raid in week 1)! Consider, however, how Atonement priests helped early progression in situations like H Blackhorn - even though their Atonement healing mostly wasn't hitting their raiders, they were instrumental for some early kills simply because they helped kill the drakes before the raid's dps was capable of doing it without the extra bit of dps from them. Also consider fights where extended intensive burst healing is needed which goes beyond your current ability to sustain it; when damage falls off, you'll fall back to low-damage healing via auto-attack and minimal upkeep of melee buffs in order to have the mana to burst again later.

Again, grats on the kills :D
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