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Are there quests for scenarios other than the arena of anihilation? It's kind of jarring to just get thrown into these without any context. I've found some of the brewmaster quests for scenarios but I was wondering if there were others.
not sure why this got no response, its a great question, bump
I think its only the brewmaster ones. There is a npc that gives a quest for arena of annihilation but apparently you pick it up automatically as you enter the senario.
I have come across three quest for scenarios around Pandaria. One is given to you from the boat man up by the black market and black prince. The other two I stumbled on while doing arch. in the Jade Forest both a little south of Tian Monastery, one is up around the bridges walking around, while the other is in a small village near a tiny lake.

I'm sure there could be one for each of the senarios, but I've just found these three today.

Hope this helps : )
Sorry to rez an old thread, but I'd like to add my findings.

I've currently found five scenario quests. Can't remember the exact locations, but here are the names of them, so you can find them on Wowhead:

The Kun-Lai Kicker (Brewmoon Festival scenario)
Volatile Greenstone Brew (Greenstone Village scenario)
The Arena Of Annihilation (Arena Of Annihilation scenario)
Blanche's Boomer Brew (A Brewing Storm scenario)
The Funky Monkey Brew (Unga Ingoo scenario)

I have yet to find a quest for the Crypt Of Forgotten Kings scenario, but I'm still looking. I also have yet to find a quest for Theramore's Fall. I read somewhere...I forget where...that there is one. But I completed it at 85 and think I may not be able to get the quest now. Still, would like to know the name of it, so I can read the text.
shameless bump. Ive been searching for a while and I cant find a compact list of quests for each scenario. I have all the same as the above posters. Btw the scenarios are actually pretty fun (compared to dailies/rep grinding and rare hunting)

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