is heroic leap glitched

I don't know if its a common bug, or it has been discussed before. but when jumping up hill or long distances it shows red (that you cant jump) but it does work 50/50.
It's always been like that. Working as intended I guess.
It's a display error, not an issue with the ability itself. In Cata, that would never happen (or at least rarely enough that I never saw it) but it's fairly commonplace in Mists because of how they changed Leap. Now we can leap up and down inclines, most of the time. The best theory I've formed is that HL used to calculate distance across the Z axis as invalid; now they simply calculate distances using the X axis (actual flat-ground distance) and ignore elevation, instead basing it on line-of-sight. This has mostly fixed Leap, but it's had two side effects that players are now noticing.

Using it to save you from falling doesn't work a lot of the time now. I suspect this is because there is minimal x-axis change when you're leaping from the air to the ground (basically, you're not moving enough horizontally; if you were to try a leap to your target location while you were on the ground, it would be inside HL's minimum range). This is corroborated by the fact that changing your camera angle to look straight down fixes it, because it changes the X and Z axes, relative to you.

And second, the whole red target thing when it actually works. This is probably just a case of not updating the target icon. By the old Leap's way of calculating distances, it's too far away, but in the new system it's within range.
I have noticed that my old heroic leap + Charge does not work anymore (charging during a leap seems to cancel HL damage), was that a change to HL as well?
The simple answer is that the pathing logic of all these abilities: Blink, Charge, Leap, etc., is terrible. The only abilities that seem to work without these glitches are the ones whose targets are anchored on another object's position, like Shadow Step or Demonic Circle.

One of the reasons you're seeing more problems is that the Pandaria zones have a LOT more variation in the Z-axis than some other zones. Hilly terrain seems to play silly buggers with the WoW physics engine.
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I have noticed that my old heroic leap + Charge does not work anymore (charging during a leap seems to cancel HL damage), was that a change to HL as well?

Charge then heroic leap, seems to be working fine for me as I get the rage, stun and damage.
The new bg with the mine carts is horrible for it -_-
The theory is, you can exploit by using Heroic Leap to get over tough pathing and go where they do not want you to go...but....I used it to jump through map barriers on my warrior anyhow when I went looking for cool islands and stuff back several months ago. I even made a video of it. A warrior on my other account. Uphill though, you'll want to use charge. Some good things about it is that when I get blasted off the edge of Lumbermill in Arathi Basin, I can HL onto the ground and take 0 falling damage. Also, when I guard mines I hide on the roof and HL onto the mine flag when someone tries to cap it and land at the same time as a CC.

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