<Ordo Templis Orientis>

Bleeding Hollow
<OTO> is now recruiting. We are an ally guild on the Bleeding Hollow server newly formed for MoP. Our main goal is two-fold:
  • Progression Raiding on a Casual Schedule
  • A competitive RBG team
  • A little about us
    <OTO> is currently in the start up phases. The guild possesses strong leadership with all current officers having experience in running other guilds and progression raiding (most dating back to BC content) We believe that each member of a guild is important, valuable and has something to contribute to the guild. While we do focus on the more competitive end-game aspect of wow we realize that wow is a social game and welcome any and all individuals into our guild.

    We are currently seeking out a tank (prefer a prot warrior) and several dps. There is potential in the near future for a healer spot to open as one of our current healers is in the process of a re-roll. Note that RBG participation is not a requirement to be a core raider.

    Raid Times
    Tuesday: 7-10 m EST
    Friday: 7-10 EST
    Monday is a clean-up day if needed

    Rated Battleground openings are for an FC and dps at this time. Please note that raiding with the guild is not a requirement to be a part of our RBG team.

    If you have any questions or would like to join, check out our website @ www.oto.guildlaunch.com or find one of our officers online to speak with. We look forward to the chance to play with each one of you!
    still need more people

    Tank spot and one melee dps filled. Currently looking for more dps and one healer.

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