Tongue Of Ba-Shon (abandoned) HELP,,

so i was doing the SEEKERS FOLLY quest, climbing the mountain and honoring the 3 shrines on the way to meeting Loremater Cho in Kun-Lai Summit. At the top after turning SEEKERS FOLLY IN, Cho asks me to ride his flying pet to another Kun-Lai location where he gives me 2 more quests, one of them being TONGUE OF BA-SHON, and another concerning tearing a page from a book to turn in. Anyway, i finish the 2 quests, but couldn't not find Loremaster Cho to turn in, so i hearthed back to Orgrimmar to clear out bag space in the AH for room to continue down this chain of quests, then head back to Kun-Lai Summit but couldn't figure out how to get back to that location where the Tongue Of Ba-Shon works, so i head back to the mountain top where i found Cho for SEEKERS FOLLY, but the Tongue Ba-Shon item didn't work there, and Cho's pet didn't offer flight to the other location. Thought it might be bugged so i abandoned it thinking to just pick them back up and do it again. So i did that, and now i cannot get the 2 quests back from Cho and his pet doesn't offer flight. Can anyone help? What should i do besides already opening a ticket with a GM in-game?
Sounds like a phasing issue. Once you complete a certain quest in this cycle, you may be in the wrong phase to actually reacquire the quest. I had that happen in Jade forest. I completed the quest to kill various named npcs while I was running over to do another quest. I kept going and did that quest and was then unable to turn in the previous quest I had done.
i think with my issue, i needed to use the tongue of ba-shon to summon Cho in the Vally Of Ancients(?), then turn the completed quests in for more quests, but instead i hearthed to Org, then couldn't figure out how to get back to that valley since it was only reachable via Cho's flying pet. I then went to the spot where i met Cho & his flying pet initially, but he didn't offer a turn in option, or flying pet option, so i abandoned thinking it was a glitch. Now i am stuck unable to pick up any quests from Cho, so i am hoping that there is some sort of fix or solution,

I think the only solution would be to somehow have a GM re-offer the SEEKERS FOLLY quest from the village at foot of the mountain, so i can travel up the mountain again honoring the three shrines, that way i can turn that quest in to Cho and start again with the pet flying me to that other location, pick up those next 2 quests, etc etc.
I did this also, opened a ticket and was told they could not help. Any help would be appreciated.
Found it !! You will be looking for the "Valley of the Emperors" which shows up southwest of Mogushan Terrace (have to mouse over it to see it). Take a flight to One-keg, Kun-lai Summit, then progress up Howlingwind Trail. Pass up the sprites cave, then shortly after that take a left, going farther up the mountain. Will be a snowy, not well marked pass to the summit. Voila! When you pass through the remains of two stone columns, you will be there. Just click on the icon which calls Loremaster Cho to you and turn in your quests. Piece of cake...yeah. I just don't give up easy or smart, lol.

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