Stampeding pets using growl.

It would be nice if we could turn this off especially in dungeons/raids. They're supposed to fight for 20 seconds but, if they are growling, they last about 5-10.
As a side thought, wondering if mend pet would heal all of them while stampeding? ;-)
When you use Stampede, your pets will use whatever abilities that you left on auto-cast when you last dismissed the pet. It would be nice to have a toggle all ability to turn off Growl for every pet in one motion, but we don't have that.

You need to individually summon each pet and ensure what you want the pet to cast during Stampede is set to auto-cast. Similarly, if you do not want something to cast during Stampede, turn the auto-cast setting off. In general, you want Rabid, Buffs, Smack/Bite/Claw, special attacks, and exotic abilities enabled while leaving Growl disabled. There are going to be exceptions.

Mend Pet, Bestial Wrath, Lynx Rush, Blink Strike, etc all affect only your active pet, not your stampeding pets.

There currently appears to be a bug with the Stampede glyph where pets that are created with the glyph will cast Growl, regardless of the setting of your active pet.

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