Cannot connect to my server.

Technical Support
So I can log in and all but then it gets to the server select and I select my server but it then takes forever to connect and when it finally does it says disconnected. Anyone having this issue?
same here. just dc'd and now i can't get back on. Internet's working fine, other than this.

sup blizz?

edit: does this belong in tech support?
Same issue also. Did what worked last time, but didn't work this time. Oh well.
Can't log in to Cenarius
a made another thread in tech support then linked to here. hopefully we can get this resolved quickly. need to fish.

I hate fishing >.<
Aye, Most curious. One second I'm skilling up professions...get a random disconnect. "Okay, sure, it happens from time to time."

Go to log back in, and it's just sticking at "Logging in to game server" occasionally kicking me back to the server select...again and again.
I am having the same problem. I was online for close to an hour without any issues then I was almost done killing the first boss of a heroic when I got DC'd now it stays on the "SUCCESS" after logging for a bit then will go to the Realm List and if I click on my realm(Illidan) it just stays on the "Logging into game server" message. Help! :(
Had the same issue around 3:40PM EST. Tried getting into another realm but not connecting to game server :(
Same here.
I have another thread going on in tech support if you guys wanna check it out, no help as of yet.
Let's pretend that having multiple threads that address the same issue will solve the problem.
Same here. All I want to do is play :(
Murder, its not that, its that the tech support forum is probably better for this subject.
Then why advertise the other thread on each of the two? That's pretty silly.
if a mod responds in one, and not the other, its useful for those in the unresponded thread to be able to find it.
By the time a "mod responds," the issue will likely be resolved. It's more-or-less, "Look at me! I'm trying to be in charge of a post! I'm the winner! I did this first! I want to be in a thread that a blue might possibly post in!"
What's the dillo, same problem. Server rolling restarts happened a while back right?

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