[A] <Hazardous> Casual Guild Recruiting!

Hazardous is a casual guild that is recruiting any players to increase our numbers. We are a friendly bunch of players, that are willing to help with getting players to maximum level, and gearing them up once they reach level 90.

Once we have increased our numbers, and have gotten a decent amount of level 90 players in the guild we will begin to raid as a guild. This is something that we do have experience in doing, and are looking forward to doing again in the new expansion!

We have our own website (shiftedplay.com), that includes a forum and blogs for people that are interested in writing. We also have a TeamSpeak server for voice communication.

Once you become a full member in the guild you'll gain limited access to parts of the Guild Bank, including leveling up gear, bag for alts, and some profession materials. You'll also gain access to free guild repairs!

If you are interested feel free to contact me in-game for an invite, or to ask any questions you have.

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