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I want to know what changes they made to the Launcher that makes antivirus's think it is a threat. I know that you can exempt the files in the antivirus software but really just want to know what blizzard did to cause this to happen. I have read in the forums that people are blaming the actual antivirus software like avg, avast, norton etc but for me, I still think its a change in how the Launcher runs. I noticed the change commenced with the 5.0.4 update. Anyone have any idea's?
The launcher now launches a background application, Agent. Agent requires administrative rights access.

The AV software detects a program launching an addition hidden background program and deems it a threat. This is called Behavioral Detection
Thanks for that Yousel, much appreciated. I was using Sophos av but found that even though I added the file to its excempt folder, it still quarantines the Launcher and automatically cleans it. Do you have any suggestions on what av to use that is more WoW friendly?
Personally I use and advocate Microsoft Security Essentials. It is free for any version of Vista and 7. It is very resource light and pretty much set it and forget it.

I have used it for years and have never had any issues with WoW or viruses for that matter.
Thanks heaps for the link, I will give it a go :)

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