Your Silly New-To-WoW Mistakes/Misconceptions

Moon Guard
10/04/2012 09:16 PMPosted by Aeter
- Blue gems only went into blue sockets. Yellow gems went into Yellow, ect. Can not put a square object in a round hole!


Back in Wrath when I first started , I stacked spirit on my warrior. Why such a noobish display of incompetence, you might ask?


Just recalling this fills me with shame.
I rolled a Druid.

Kidding, but I did roll a Druid, night elf, and was totally and completely and utterly lost on what the !@#$ I was supposed to do.

Deleted the character at level 2 because I got scared of the other level 1-5s judging me.
My very first character was a night elf druid and I would only use moonfire and refused to buy my feral talents.
I also only wore gear that matched in color, despite stats or leather/cloth.
10/05/2012 09:04 AMPosted by Bosutar
Deleted the character at level 2 because I got scared of the other level 1-5s judging me.

That reminds me, I actually hid behind game trees on Earthen Ring scared that RPers would judge me for my slow typing. My ex would approach someone to RP and I would literally hide.
When I started this game, 8 years ago, when I was 7 years old, my first character was a Tauren warrior. As this was my first MMO, I sat there 20 minutes confused on how to talk. I pressed enter, right? Saw a bar, and so I walk up to an NPC. Being the derptarded 7 year old I was, I walk up to a tauren NPC "can u guide me thru game?" and I got very upset as I never got an answer. I saw people sitting still (NPCS), and people running about, killing plainstriders (Players!) Not noticing the quest, and not even expecting a questing system, here I was going up to these moving characters and helping them kill mobs. I stayed level 1 for like, 3 hours, not gaining exp because I attacked afterwards.

Eventually, I decided to kill things on my own, and after a few agonizing battles of near death experiences, I reached level 5. At that moment, I thought that this valley was the only place in WoW, so I run into a group of boars thinking level 5 was godly. I died, and rezzed at Blood Hoof village, confused as to how and why this game somehow got larger. I was surprised at the lack of other races in Mulgore too, since all I saw was tauren, and that one troll NPC in Bloodhoof village, who I ran up to and observed for five minutes. Also, I drowned in Bloodhoof lake or w/e because I was unsure how to rise up from the water.

After countless grinding from killing mobs, and millions of deaths, I reached level 12, and explored... I was unaware capital cities like Thunderbluff existed at the time, and I randomly just ran into the Barrens, terrified that everything was after me with skull levels.

Only using level 5 vendor cloth on a warrior who didn't know talents existed, I attacked these level 21s and failed miserably. Hell, I didn't even know there were other class abilities past level 1 at the time.

Later into that day, I came into contact with... Barrens Chat. Localdefense which I didn't know what it meant at the time, was spamming "THE CROSSROADS IS UNDER ATTACK!", and General chat was talking about Chuck Norris jokes (I didn't know who Chuck Norris was).

So I travel north, find the cross roads, and start asking people "how do u becom a general 2 talk in chat???" and got invited to a group randomly, where I was teleported to RFC in Orgrimmar. I was confused, and I whiped the entire group, but hey, atleast I got to level 15. Lol.

I didn't roll on loot, so people were pissed because I took a long time, and afterwards, I suddenly got invited to another group, and was tele'd to WC, where I leveled to 20 because of respawns. I was only in whites and greys.

From that point, as I was harrassed alot, i grinded to 60 in a nooby, level 1 spell, talentless, fail gear, 1G adventure. Lol.
Sorry for the doublepost, but at like, level 25, I did RFK and got Corpse maker, my first and only blue item. >.> I thought the stats were godly at the time, and from level 25-60, I used only corpse maker, and I still have it on that alt to this day.

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