Thx bliz, and hunters,

This is why we quit the games once before, and this is happening again.
Thx bliz, thank you. You guys always make the best beta ever to test damages.
heh, i like how he solos 2 players in the duration of the sap on his pally.
BM hunter solos a 2vs1 within an 8 second sap.

Either that's a legendary player or maybe blizzard added too many digits to how high they can hit for.
Holy... The amount of *@*!@%@% my poor eyes just witnessed.. GG blizz. You really did it this time.
the issue is apprently BM doesn't do enough dmg in pve and they won't fix BM untill they do "approriate" numbers in pve... same goes for wars etc

Blizz gave a lot of crack to classes so they can progress in raids but as always it affects pvp way too much

i really don't understand why they didn't add pvp flag on every spell yet, it would require a lot of work but would be great help to fix the issue with pve screwing pvp and vice versa

Lower everyones damage, lower the HP of raid bosses. Players HP stay the same, boss damage remains the same.

Encounters are unchanged, Pvp isnt a gorram nukefest.
Survivability scales with gear, hard as it is to believe but those nub all in the 1500 mmr were prolly not geared, or skilled. Also hunters will not scale with the gear like other classes, their slope is more of a steady incline, were other classes have a big change in numbers with gear.

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