Name two things that would improve Disc (PvP)

Two things I think would help Disc in PvP...


What are you ideas?
a blanket mana-cost reduction to all healing spells.

Longer duration on all spells by atleat 10-15%
Agree with the above, reduced cost on healing. I don't want more click abilities either, I'd rather have more passives that actually work/stronger.

I'd rather have two healing spells 1 single target, 1 AoE and our Shield, and have awesome passives then have to remember to click; Shield >PoM > Renew> PI> Shell>Holy Fire> Smite >Stacking Grace
And just worry about healing, knowing my passives will pop on crits or hits with spells.
-A glyph that reduces the cast time for all spells that are affected by SS while it is active
-Make the Inner focus silence/interrupt protection baseline
Dominate Mind changed with something that stuns or roots at range.
Inner Focus glyph baseline, perhaps even giving the Inner Focus spell to both healing priests.
Pain Suppression/Guardian Spirit glyph being baseline.
Penance proccing Divine Aegis at all times like Prayer of Healing.
Tier 3 (the mana talents) significantly buffed.
Spectral Guise made into something that actually does something (think Blink).
Power Infusion and Twist of Fate removed and replaced with stuff actually useful.
PW:S duration for priest being back to 30 seconds
Giving the final tier talents secondary effects (for example a knockback for Divine Star, super snare for Halo, Stun for Cascade).

Thats all I can think of on the top of my head.
Use Glyph of Ultimate Healing: Transform into a Druid gaining all talents and abilities.

Use Glyph of Massive Healing: Transform into a Paladin gaining all talents and abilities.
only 2 things and we would still suck. How about 12 things?


Spirit shell undispellable

Inner focus glyph baseline

fix mobility (baseline t11 4 set bonus?)

instant HF baseline

synergy. PI, AA, SS, IF should all work well together. The lack of synergy is stupid

Old SW:D

Make divine star targetable so we can move while casting it at an offensive or Defensive target we aren't pointed at. Halo is too expensive and cascade is pointless in small scale pvp.

a glyph that lets us 2x dispel (like shaman)

Serendipity that stacks with penance

Silence would be good as well. We are left behind in the non position dependent CC

Certainly some of the glyphed skills need to be baseline. We ned the PoM glyph for instant burst healing, but right now cant use it.
1. the ultimate threat to disco priest atm is mana usage cost of spell. 18k to cast a powerword shield at lvl 90 15.5k if in sanctum mode. i'm a healer i need to be dealt with, i must be in fire mode to stay alive but i go oom too fast especially if i take divine insight for a 2nd chance to cast shield again. good god 300k mana 15 power word shields only and not counting fh mending or renew all those are 7kish-10k.

all other class gained an extra cc especially holy paladin (i agree that they need an xtra one tho but not only were they given 1 they can have 2 in mop. ( repentence and blinding light) priest goes and lose not only focus will but mind control which should be given to us as a base spell and not have to be spec for. mana burn taken from us i understand but the same treatment should be brought down upon mages for having spell steal.

almighty blizzard help us priest see the light! why are you doing this to us!
1. Passive damage reduction. Focused will or the 15% that shadow priests get could maybe help also.

2. Some glyphs really need to be baseline!! Also talents like desperate prayer. These spells are necessary for priests to live against these double melee/ melee hunter comps.
Two things? Well in that case (after doing some arenas today);

A serious look at disc priest mana (I wouldn't even bother with rapture, I'm more talking how I were oom after a 20s long burst phase spamming flash heal with PI up)


A serious personal defensive cooldown. I got absolutely chopped in 3s flat by triple DPS even though I wore a BoP and Pain Suppression. Once that were down I didn't even have a chance to get a barrier down. Dead already. I mean a defensive on a short cooldown, very much like Barkskin (except probably 30% without the glyph modifying) on a 45s CD would seriously feel fair. Right now I feel that Pain Suppression is for me and me alone.
Focused willl back

Overall decrease in mana costs because rapture is broken ( WORKING AS INTENDED!!!!)

SW:D glyph baseline

PW:S 4 second freedom would be a dream come true (but not happening)

Power Infusion Baseline
movement while casting Penance Baseline (Fingers ccrossed here)
I can name 1 thing that would make DISC viable.

More healing.
Shields get dispelled, then it's game over for a disc priest.
I've seen shadow priests do more healing than disc lol.

I suppose if you had to dig for a second point of fixation, it would be to:
Re-Class to Holy. You can actually heal as holy... and everything is instant cast... and you won't be oom in 10 seconds. done.
1. Dispel protection.
2. Dispersion.
3. Blanket mana reduction of all healing spells by 15-20%.

That would be a start.
Add Focused Will to Inner Will as Discipline/Holy. We may lose the Armor/Spell Power but it would make Inner Will worth Glyphing for and using for Disc PvP.
Archangel wings giving back mana per stack of evangelism like it used too.
A lot of things to be baseline again, and to be brought back (Sorry I just can't name two):
-Inner focus' silent/interrupt/dispel protection
-Power infusion
-Inspiration (I know it was holy, but I always chose this 2/2)
-The talent where it turns to 20% damage reduced when struck by critical or something like that.

It feels like we've been stripped naked. We're supposed to be known for our fortitude.

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