24 Hour Marathon As A Monk (Link inside!)

Hello! I'm The Awesome Incarnate, a.k.a Aetherius in Cyberspace and Burton Finch in real life! I've been playing WoW since release and I've attended two BlizzCons. (2010 and 2011) In 2011 I was the Night Elf Male dancer, and having performed in front of 35,000 people - I then went on to meet and party with major VIP's at BlizzCon! I was personally encouraged by the likes of Swifty, Athene, Nexius, and other major YouTubers to open a new channel, as the one I had run from 2005 - 2008 was abandoned due to 'real job' issues!

When I landed back in Ohio, I knew what I had to do - and that's what I did! I started a new channel, and in less than a year I've picked up over 1200 subscribers and close to 1,000,000 total video views! In April I was partnered under TGN, and in August I was re-partnered under Maker Studios! (the same parent company of TheGameStation)

And now - I'm striking again with a marathon on World of WarCraft: Mists of Pandaria! TODAY at 2p EST I'll be starting a Monk, feat. very light (little to NO) commentary and playing through levels 1 to 90! Join me for a 24-hour Marathon of hourly videos, feel free to stop by and say hello on the Khaz Modan Server as well!

Like, comment, and subscribe! You will NOT be disappointed!



Playlist Link:

I dont get it... Ive never heard of you.
I'm going to be starting a monk tonight too and will probably stream it. Can I get free views too?
Update 10/5/2012 @ 4:30p EST

First video is up:

That is a druid, and you're 85.

10/05/2012 09:56 AMPosted by Aetherius
I'll be starting a Monk,
10/05/2012 10:38 AMPosted by Jisoon
I dont get it... Ive never heard of you.

Maybe try reading past the first word... He explains in detail who he is. I give this guy major props for getting up and doing the night elf dance in front of all those people at Blizzcon! That takes serious balls..

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