Moon Guard
Hello Moonguard!

Me and my wife are looking for a primarily adult guild that either Raids or PvP's.

Since I don't have time to commit to both, we preferably want a raiding guild.
We are kind mannered and work well with others. I personally promote synergy in a guild and really rely on guild dungeon runs and stuff of that nature over randoms.

We at the end of the day, just want to come home and have fun.

I have been mmoing for 13 years now, I excel at the tanking and can dps just fine.
My wife has been mmoing for 5 years now and is a great dps or healer.

I have recently gotten a monk to 90 but still prefer my warrior. (Just to clarify as to why he's still 85)

Hope we find a group out there we can join! See you in game. :)
I'd like to point you to Salvation: http://us.battle.net/wow/en-us/forum/topic/6248186166
I don't know what our raiding is like, but from what I hear we do lots of raiding. It's a really laid back, nice group of folks. It's a great place to call home. You should probably contact Venita or one of the officers.

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