Geared Warr Tank and H Paly LF raiding Guild

Hello Mal'Ganis,

We are looking for a guild..Warr Tank is iLvl 466 and H Pally is 464. We are available to raid 8-XX Server time ANY DAY except the weekends. We know our classes VERY well and we, both, have been playing WoW since Vanilla.

We cannot make any raid times earlier than 8, but we can guarantee you that we will have 100% raid attendance and will make never be late to raids. We will come prepared and ready. We respect the time of all guild members.

Note that we are both from different transfers. We would like to have a CORE spot before committing to a transfer.
Please contact me in game or on my pally Zalarea if you are still looking.
we raid tues/wens 9pm-1am server, 10man if interested, contact me or goetia for more info

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