Looking Fire mage PvP guide 5.0.5

Hey guys Im trying fire mage right now and Im kinda lost. Where can i find a good guide about how to play it? I mean reforging stats, how much crit is enough? Whats a good rotation to go? Gems? Enchants? I play mainly bgs and rbgs.
There is legit a sticky up their with "5.0.5 fire pvp".
Except its not a guide Xiun.
Looks like a guide to me Spartah
Yes, yes it is a guide.

Go read it, it gives you the information you need.

Just because it doesn't say "guide" doesn't mean it won't help.
I think I've spotted the issue. Bloo's guide is for 5.0.4 as stated in the title, which means it's completely out of date compared to the 5.0.5 guide Spartah is looking for.
@ xiun,

hi i wanted to know were i can find "There is legit a sticky up their with "5.0.5 fire pvp". Im looking for it and cant find it can u link up the site please.... thank you

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