Destro raiding?

So... I'm trying to figure out if destro is a viable raiding spec... since I don't really enjoy affliction or demo nearly as much.

So if any one know's if it is viable in raids and what my stat priority should be please let me know!
Stat priority is 15%hit>crit> mastery=>haste. Haste and mastery are about equal, with a slight edge to mastery, as far as I know. Mastery increases DMG from ember using spells (cb, fel flame, shadowburn) and haste will increase your mana regeneration and slightly lower cast times. So if you keep going oom (+625% regen makes this unlikely) then get some more haste.

Of course, I can't speak to raid performance.
Thank you very much for the stat priority information! Any one have knowledge on the actual dps for raiding is it viable? Does it do enough?

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